Bridget C. Williams

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Keep in mind that there is no single approach to optimizing energy, and neither diet or exercise alone will balance your energy equation. The combination of various habits, from how you stock your kitchen to how you manage stress, restful sleep, cope with chronic conditions, and schedule exercise area few of the important things in your energy level. Without a doubt, they also play into your health, happiness, and looks as well.


I’ve found that when people track their steps, their weight tends to come down a little bit, and they choose healthier things to eat because they’ve just spent an hour walking around, and now they’re in a mindset that their activity is impacting their health.  I don’t recommend tracking weight (if you are hard on yourself). However, I record it so that way I can keep a handle on mine. It’s so hard to change and people get hung up on it and frustrated when they miss their goals. With steps, you can hit your goal every day if you put your mind to it.

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for more information on this topic: Adjusting Your Life Style  Starting Over

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