What is Burnout

Bridget  C. Williams

Burnout’ is the term used to describe a feeling of being unable to cope because of pressure of work or being overworked. Burnout is generally a state of long-term exhaustion and lack of interest in work, and tends to result from over-work over a long period of time, or from consistent and excessive stress from being overworked.

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Avoiding Burnout

The first thing to remember is that once you are suffering from burnout, the nature of the condition means that it is very hard to do anything about it.

Part of the problem is that you are too tired to care about anything. You are therefore really going to struggle to make the necessary changes to improve your life.

And while there is no doubt that there are individuals who are much more prone to burnout than others, even the most capable will eventually begin to struggle.


Evidence suggests that the most stressful situations are those in which you feel that you are not in control. The answer to that is to try to take control of your own life, at least in small ways. Uncontrollability is scary and can just mess you up.

For example, try to work out what situations make you stressed and avoid them. You probably should not try to avoid them altogether, because a little stress, and being out of your ‘comfort zone’, is good for you sometimes. But it might be best not to take a job where those situations will make up the bulk of your working day. If you do end up in a job like that, and you start to find it very stressful, see if you can negotiate your way to an alternative.

Nobody else is going to do this for you because nobody else knows what it is that is making you stressed. After doing the research and experiencing things this is something you need to be aware of and take seriously.

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For more information on this topic: Adjusting your Life Style  Starting Over

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