Transcending the New You

Bridget C. Williams

Transcending yourself is an important step that happens on the path of Self-Realization. It is the changing of your identity from believing that your mind, emotions, habits, attachments, and desires to a larger perspective. It is also and extension of where you are and the fact that you are know and are becoming your divine and true self.

As you shed the layers of ego, shame, uncertainties, fear that were dictating for you to get ahead. As you try to prove something to your loved ones, your friends, your co-workers, your community your priorities will change and you no longer want to stay in that head space. It’s all about you. Removing the selfish and uncertainties, building confidence, acknowledge that you are worthy, finding your purpose and fulfilling it.

You let go of thinking you are a small, isolated, suffering self and open to the magnificence that is within you. Who are you truly–your Divine Self? Your Divine Self is the part of you that is free, unlimited, and all-knowing. Your eternal awareness, Divine Love, consciousness and life itself is the infinite part of you.

Your true/divine self is always reaching out to you, offering you Its gifts of consciousness that make it possible for you to experience abundance, harmonious relationships, peaceful emotions, and thoughts that honor you and reflect true wisdom. However, you must contact the self and be open to receive these gifts. If you believe it you can achieve it.    We don’t always really know why we have been selected or given different gifts which are the purpose of helping someone in the world in some formation.

 We have all been blessed and have to tap into what is our purpose. You have to find your passion and starting working towards it.  What are your dreams? Trying making them come true. Don’t hide them under a bushel for other to reap.   What does your future look like? Where do you want to be? How can and how does this affect you?

 If you want something you need to go after it.  If you are in a place where change is necessary than just do it. What stories are inside of you? I am certain that there are many.  Rise above the temptations and focus on your dreams and hearts desires.  Be willing to open yourself up to where they are going to take you. It will be revealed within you. A world unimaginable will be revealed and the endless possibilities.

When we start to think differently and start to embrace new things.  The perspective changes and becomes more enhanced.  For instance, what we do to another, we do to ourselves. Each of us has a unique and necessary gift to give the world. The purpose of life is to express our gifts. Every person we encounter and every experience we have mirrors something in ourselves.

 We must focus on self-development constantly.  Why just exist with no purpose or plan.  It is like floating in space.

Once you know who you are and your purpose has been or will be executed.  Remember you are doing this for yourself and not others. Focus on you. I realize I have been blessed and lost opportunities because of hindrance or fear.   I now use fear as the fuel and driving force to go to the next step on my journey of the new innovations, and creations. I am ambitious to make things work and work through the things that are not working.

Start to create your own reality.

  • Trusting your inner wisdom

  • transforming your limiting spots

  • awakening your inner power

  • changing your thought patterns

  • Experience more freedom in your life (mind, body, and spirit)

Where I was before so ambitious and intense, now I am more relaxed and allow things to come to me. In a way, these frighten me at first. I now use what frightens me as fuel to create and rejuvenate.   I am open and am accepting the things that come.  The stepping stones I have and continue to encounter, the advice, the self-reflection, the purpose, the future of where I want to be and is going.

 You start to blossom in a number of directions.  You are a canvas which no longer resists life experiences for you. Start cataloguing your success and your failures.  Remember failures can be overcome. Others see this ability in you while you are on your journey most people are happy for you.   Others are more concerned about why this path was chosen for you.   However, does the opinion of others matter.  Not really!

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