Bridget C. Williams

In the below picture is Ben Bishop, Dolly Williams, And Kevin Brooks.

I would like to thank all who participated, attended, and donated to the Sinclair W. Williams Sr. Scholarship Fund Launching on May 6, 2017 at the East Preston Recreation Centre, East Preston, NS, Canada. The event was an amazing beginning. Sinclair W. Williams Legacy will live on forever.Ben Bishop, Dolly Williams, Kevin brooks

The Williams Family (Sinclair W. Williams Sr.)

This was a phenomenal launch. It was a sold out event. You can still donate through etransfer or Go fund me on Face book page.

The event started with the drums playing as the Politicians, Halifax Regional Police Officers, RCMP Officers, and Honoured Guest and the family entered into the room and was seated.

RCMP David Fairfax, Bridget Williams, Halifax Regional Police Chief Jean-Michel Blaise


Hon. Keith Colwell

His Worship Mayor Mike Savage

Chief Jean-Michel Blaise, M.O.M., B.A., LLB

Superintendent RCMP Hartley Gosoline

Constable Marshall Williams Sr.

Mr. Douglas Ruck

RCMP Officer David Fairfax

D&D DJ Services

Pastor Tim Smith

Dr. Rev Joyce Ross-East Preston Recreation Centre

Sherry Borden-Colley, CBC Reporter

George Beck Retired Dartmouth City Police Officer

Olugu Ukpai and Halifax Multicultural Drummers

Diggs Catering Service

Mrs. Joyce Ruck, Bridget Williams, Doug Ruck


He used words to describe Sinclair most words start with S. He also elaborated on each of the word describing Sinclair’s Character and his desires for the community.


  • Sympathetic
  •  Sensitive
  •  Sacrifice
  •  Supportive Mentor
  •  Sharing
  •  Strong
  •  Brave Soul
  •  Humble


Kieth Colwell, and Bridget Williams


He spoke about how his Uncle Sinclair had influenced him to join corrections. He eventually became Captain. Kevin stated that his uncle paved the way for so many and that he is glad to have had him in his life.  He made changes in the community and abroad. Today we still have the stigma of racism systemically and otherwise.  We must continue to rise above it and continue to set platforms that Sinclair Williams would be proud of.


RCMP SUPERINTENDENT HARTLEY GOSOLINE He is the First Black Superintendent RCMP Officer in New Brunswick. He spoke about his personal experience as the First Black Officer in New Brunswick. He had also encountered the stigma of racism.

He stated that Sinclair wanted to make a positive change through challenging times. He helped and wanted to model positive change throughout the province of Nova Scotia. He stepped out and made a difference. Sinclair was more concerned about his community and not the Title of being the First Black Police Officer.


Sinclair was a Trailblazer that set the tone for change in the community and abroad. To continue Sinclair’s Legacy through this scholarship fund. He broke barriers in this province of Nova Scotia as an officer.  Many came after Sinclair because of his courage and determination to strive and make a difference. He was someone the community could look up to and trust. This Scholarship fund is the beginning of a new error and the community is proud of this honour. The changes will come through the Sinclair W. Williams Scholarship Fund.



He thanked Dolly for her Award for Volunteer Services throughout the Province of Nova Scotia. Dolly also won an Award for HRM also in April 2017.

Sinclair Williams the Trail Blazer and Hero who stepped out and wanted to help others. He broke some barriers in Nova Scotia. Sinclair had to endure racism while being the first black police officer. Racism still exists today. .

His life might have not been best losing both parents at a young age. He turned his life into a giving back and saving his fellow man.

I can just imagine being the first to step out and make a change.  Sinclair was a man who had an open door policy to everyone. He employed people within the communities through his businesses. His company Hilda Ann Enterprises had created over 30 homes in the Cole Harbour, Colby Village, Eastern Passage, Lake Echo & Preston.  When Sinclair became ill he had to stop and closed his business.  However, he was still inspirational and courageous.  People in the community love him dearly.  He was the founding member of the District 9 Volunteer Fire Department and the first Captain for East Preston. He’s was responsible for the Sarah Jane Clayton Manor, Preston and Area Housing Fund, Dartmouth East Black Learning Centre.

He deserved the name Hero.



Sinclair Williams made history breaking down the walls of despair and his contributions as a great leader in the community. To earn, hear, and see the fruits of his labours. The scholarship fund will help to encourage more Blacks throughout the province to step out and Join the RCMP or Police Department within the province of Nova Scotia. Sinclair Williams Legacy must be the platform of inspiration and hope.

Sinclair worked long and hard supporting his family and making an impact in his community.  He was indebted to his family and his community.  He wanted the best for both.   So today we must honour this great man Sinclair W. Williams Sr.



He was influence by his Uncle Sinclair Williams. He spoke about his father who was Sinclair’s Big Brother. He thanked the community and the Halifax Police department for being present.

Uncle Sinclair was hardworking, and reliable. He was like a brother and second father to me. He overcame adversities and made a positive change. Sinclair Williams was an amazing role model. He treated everyone with the same respect.  He was proud to wear his uniform despite the racism.  He encountered racism which some offers are still going through today. The departments are more diverse because of Sinclair. We all must stop the Stereotyping. Change can and will happen. Being an Officer is a great career.




He dialogued about how his father and the connection with Sinclair. He stated even though Calvin Ruck and Sinclair Williams had lots of battles they both had raised up.  He stated that Sinclair had dealt with adversity and made other in the community feel important and special.  He presented himself with dignity and with other in and outside of the community.  He walked with his head held high. He was a special and mighty good man. He stated that Sinclair and his father tore down strongholds and made huge impacts in the communities and abroad.

He remember his father and Sinclair having these long conversations. He said his father loved to talk. His father wanted the best for Sinclair and stood behind him on a number of occasions. They both took a stand for the community and the underdog.  Both were determined to make changes which has impacted and build more role models who looked up to them.

Sinclair was family to us. My parents treated him like their son. My parent frequently visited the community of East Preston and visited Jim Brindley, Matthew Thomas, and Sinclair Williams. They were all making a difference and transforming the community.



She spoke about Sinclair’s passion and love for his community. Sinclair alongside Calvin Ruck fought for co-op housing. Sinclair worked to encourage people in and outside of the community. She said she could remember when Evan started to go to the Day Care that Sinclair is the one who got cable for them. He also had the Lions Club pay for so many month of free cable.  She stated that Sinclair went out of his way to see that she got awarded for opening up the East Preston Day Care Centre.  Sinclair had an open door policy for any and every one.

Sinclair was not a talker he was doer and made sure that things were taken care of.  He would always ask if we need anything in the Day Care. If I need something Sinclair would find a way to make it happen for us.

He was a community oriented person with a big heart and love for his fellow man, women, and anyone he came in contact with.



She sang like an angel and it was an amazing performance.  Did you know? and another hymn were the two hymns she sang. The guest all were engaged and started to sing along with her during her singing.



He spoke about his father Rev. Fairfax and Sinclair Williams and the relationship and bond that grew over the years. His father watched over Sinclair and made it so that he would be available to Sinclair whenever he needed him.  He was Sinclair’s confident and his outlet.  He remembers seeing Sinclair coming to his family home at the age of 9.  He was excited to see this black man in the police uniform who eventually inspired him to become one. Sinclair was his inspiration to becoming a RCMP officer. Sinclair had paved the way for the rest of us. He also, stated being an officer there are many things you can’t disclose to your family but you can speak to clergy.

His father was as proud of Sinclair and his accomplishments not just as an officer but also as a business man, community advocate to empower and help his community.  Sinclair was the trail blazer that lead the way for many of us.  We have to continue to make the changes that Sinclair has fought long and hard for.   This Scholarship will make a huge change in the number of Black individuals into the policing.  Sinclair dreams will be kept alive through the scholarship fund and future recruitments. Change is coming.

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