Bridget C. Williams

So where are you headed and what have you reflected on lately?    Sometimes we are too busy or never think about it.   Create a vision and be confident with your choice.  Start investing in your growth through continual learning and training.   People will stay in the past and not move or excel in their future because they don’t train or learn new things.   Time is constantly changing and we have to get on board.  Things may not be moving for you because you have not tried new skills and training that can help you personally or business wise.

Our lives are curious to me why more people do not move with purpose. I understand that purpose requires a certain level of freedom, experience, and education. It’s clear that successful companies have roadmaps. You should too. People become successful when they change their habits and how they think.  I chose to and continue to learn new things because I want to grow personally and professionally.    Creating a road map and continual reassessments of self and business are so important.  Each year I look at what I did and didn’t do to better myself self-assessment.   This year I had to do the self –assessment and the business assessment.  To procrastinate for me is not in the cards.  I am trying to strive for a much better now and future. But far too many of us steer away from thinking about our lives in these terms.

Your Journey without knowledge   and without a plan, you are leaving your life to chance, which may be exhilarating and lead to new discoveries, but is fundamentally based on luck. Start looking at what motivates you. If you are afraid you don’t have to do it alone.   You can network and find the many resources out there to help you with your road map and the journey you want to take.

Most people do not take the time to think longer term about their lives. It’s tough work and being your best right now is hard enough.  We are accountable for our lives and how we live it. Just like a roadmap, when you set out on a road trip, you don’t “sometimes” follow the map. You must follow it every step of the way.

I enjoy learning new things and it has opened me up to new innovations and initiatives.

I start to think about what I am doing how impactful will it be.  What is the futuristic approach am I willing to take.   Overcoming fear and using it as fuel to ignite what I want to do.    Looking at the skills I needed to acquire and the training which will be beneficial in the long run.   I am constantly looking at what is the next step.   Where and who can I obtain information from to help me on this journey.   How will I optimize what it is that I am trying to accomplish.


For me I want to create a road map that is frugal.   Posting your goals, standards, boundaries, mission statement, etc. is very much like having a map to refer to.   Grab on to the steering wheel of your life. Check your map often, determine your current location, and move confidently toward where you want to go.

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