Bridget C. Williams

Learning and Training are an ongoing process and go hand and hand. When you run a business you are constantly learning through training in person or online.  The world is a big place and things are constantly evolving.    Having new skills will open you up to new initiatives.  Learning never stops and is continual.   If you want to expand or become a mover and a shaker you have to constantly be learning through training.   Be open to new platforms which will benefit your business in the long run.  When you are learning you are growing.   Community outreach locally and globally will help you to improve or improvise future initiatives.   Be innovative in your processes and be open to new perspectives even when it is not your own, but for you to grasp and take hold of.     You are never too old to learn new things.   Your brain starts to think differently when you are learning new things.  Learning is the will of changing your mind and process.

When I am not learning I could be losing out on an array of opportunities.   When I am not training you could miss out on growth in your personal life or business.  You should not become stagnant in your view or beliefs.   Allow the new ideas and stimulating process to infuse your mind.   Learning new things for me is like an injection of empowerment endorphin’s.   Learning can manifest into so many beautiful and unbelievable possibilities.  I think futuristically where and what I want my business to look like.   It is not just about now for me.  It’s about where do you see yourself, what do you want to have, what do you want to accomplished, and what are the next steps. Start training yourself how to think about your future.

Things you need to learn

  • Business Plan
  • Business Proposal
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Multimedia Platforms
  • Grants
  • Funding
  • Agreements
  • Coaching
  • Global
  • Networking
  • Money – Not to be afraid of it.
  • Human Resources
  • Incorporated


You would be amazed at the things that pass you by not doing this.   This increases your expertise and exposure.   New skills can be the ultimate corner stone to improvising, innovating, and creating the platform that people want to hear about.  For you this is definitely a winning situation.

Training initiatives



 Webinars  online

Face to face


And so much more.



I will use the bank for instance constantly changing financial products.   We had new products each week and had to learn the product before taking the call.   This was continual and constant.   What is embarrassing is when the client knows about the products before you do.    Communication for any company is imperative and should be dialogued to employees for the betterment of staff and company.

If you have new product it is so important for your staff to know about it.



What they fail to understand are the underlying benefits of these continuous training sessions and how they contribute to the organization in the greater scheme of things! Benefits of conducting these programs are far greater and long-lasting.

It is imperative to invest in employee training and development.

Not only do training programs help employees avoid making mistakes that result from their lack of information and knowledge but they also help the company increase employee retention, gain their loyalty, and ultimately boost organizational productivity.



This will not affect the staff work time.   It’s a great way to connect and is effective in building team engagement.

 A training program allows you to develop and strengthen the skills of your employees that they need or should improve upon. It helps reduce weak links and ensure the same mistakes are not repeated again. It is a great way to address issues at the right time and ensure organizational productivity is not compromised.


Increase satisfaction

Access to continuous training programs and workshops shows the employees that they are valued. They feel appreciated, challenged, and more satisfied toward their jobs. It helps them move up the learning curve and work harder.


Continuous training empowers employees. It gives them the confidence that they are abreast of the new developments and have a stronger understanding of the industry. This confidence pushes them to perform better and think of new ideas to excel. Increase in employee performance leads to increase in organizational productivity.



Down falls of not Training Employees


Untrained employee- unhappy employees

Employees who feel inadequate, underachieving, or unsupported are unhappy.


Untrained Workers Have a Low Production Value.

The quality of their work is lower and of less value. The quality in performance is lower than it could (or should) be.

Untrained Workers Are Inefficient.

More time (and therefore money) and effort is spent when employees aren’t fully or properly trained to perform their tasks or to fulfill their responsibilities.

Lost Time/Money Due to Mistakes.

When an untrained worker makes a mistake, the time and materials used are lost. The work then has to be done again


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