My Prayer for You Today July 7, 2017

Bridget C. Williams


Father God, our hearts are filled with chaos and confusion. You are our help, the One who sustains us. I am weak but you are strong.

Our world is a mess! Forgive us for focusing on anything or anyone but you. Thank You for the Bible that equips and empowers us to live each day. Your Word is our hope. It revives us and comforts us especially now. You will rescue us from this dark cloud of despair because you delight in us. Remove the shackles that way us down.  Clear our mind and our hearts from clutter.

Create a re-freshness of stimulation of your holy power within us.   Remove the doubt and allow us to trust you to remove any and every obstacle.   We must be open to your healing and anointing power.

God show grace and mercy over us so that your light may shine in through us.   Pick us up from the transgressions and oppressors God.  Let us find our way back to you from uncertainties.

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