Author,  Bridget C. Williams

“We so often look so long and so regretfully at the closed doors, that we do not see the ones opened to us.”  Alexander Graham Bell

We tend to look at the things that are closed to us.  Start looking at NO as new options and opportunities. This can be relationships, finances, employment, and perhaps business.

Doors that close in your life are:

  • Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Loss of Job

  • Missed opportunities

  • And sometimes you are the one closing the door.

When someone closed the door on you, you felt rejected, not good enough, sadness, confused, and lost.  When you close the door you feel relief, feeling of freedom, closer, new insights, peace of mind, and initiatives.

Start to look beyond failures and focus on the things that will change how you look,  and think about things.  Look at saying good bye to things that are no good for you holistically.   Life begins when you start changing how you think.   Sometimes things fall apart for better things to come.  You start to look at focusing on opportunities that come not the ones behind you.

If you are the one closing the doors, it is because they are not leading you anywhere.   Remember God doesn’t close one door without opening others.  If opportunities are closed that is where you are not supposed to be.   Don’t get frustrated it is what it is.    What will you do the next time opportunities arrive?  What are the changes you are willing to make?  How can you change what you are thinking?

Become more resilient to the close doors and start looking at the new ones.   Appreciate what you have a move forward.   Look forward to creating and exploring open doors that come.   Also, embrace those opportunities and take the plunge.   Yes, there are locks on doors but GOD has all the keys to unlock them.

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