My Prayer for You Today July 14, 2017

Bridget C. Williams

God can restore, purify, and cleanse us with your holiness.   I pray for change and adoration.  I pray that you may take a step toward god tonight.  You guide us god, you show us love when there is humility and despair.  I want to share you Jesus –your perfection and truth to other.  God is never blind to your tears or deaf to your prayers.

God your word says in faith healing of sickness, disease, and illness.  God’s will shows up surprisingly when you least expect it.   You God are the greatest physician of all times.  Intercede for all of those who has  traumatic conditions not knowing their illness.   All power is yours God.   We strive daily to be more like you god.   May you be wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up in Jesus.


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