My Prayer for You Today August 10, 2017

Bridget C. Williams

As you encircle us with your love, so may we love you and one another. We are blessed and are preserved and have endured  growth through our hardships for your name Jesus.  Grant us peace and love with faith.  Love the Lord God with all our heart soul and might. You’ve made us to be a kingdom to serve our God and Holy Father forever.


Heavenly Father, we live in a world where the security we once seemed to enjoy has been eroded.  Lord we praise your name that we can entrust our future in your safe-keeping, knowing that your love surrounds us and that your grace is sufficient.  May we learn day by day to prevent our eyes from focusing on the trials and tribulations that are coming on the earth – and rather help us to look to Jesus, knowing that in all things He is the victor.


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