Bridget C. Williams

Celebrating the 2nd Annual Event for Small Businesses to get exposure, with an opportunity to network, and explore existing and new businesses.  The professionalism and attention to detail was impeccable. It was awesome scenery and just the right number of participants to create a buzz. The weather may have been challenging at times, and I thought of it as showers of blessings.  It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of this Event. I appreciate it and wanted to let you know how pleased I am.

BBI Shopping on Spring Garden Rd.

I really enjoyed my first attempt at selling books face to face with the public and the City of Halifax.     This was an opportunity to dialogue and create new connections with Individuals and other businesses. I was honored to be a participant and business owner at this extravaganza.   The flow of the event is paramount and the event ran smoothly in my opinion.

Some of the Businesses that showcased were:

  • Adjusting Your Life Style Frugal Spending B. Williams

  • North Preston Green Hands

  • Chico Island CaribbeanMeals by MO

  • Sobeys

  • And Others


I was excited when the Kids from North Preston Green Hand purchased the Banking Book to help them on their journey to Banking.   This is a great way for children to learn before they get out of school or go into college.  Children need exposure at a young age.


Thanks Ann Divine for the T-shirt purchase and for sharing on Linkedin.



It was engaging speaking to individuals about the books and personal transition.   I had a long conversation with one individual who thought I was deep intellectually.  I told him about how God had transformed my life.   He told me a story about his friend who had Cancer and how he watched her daily.  I could feel it with discernment how compassionate he was for her on her last days.   I watched him remove his glasses and could see his emotion so deeply.



The books were something he said the world need because of the chaos that is happening.    We need peace and change in the people’s minds to become more positively.

 Another individual stated, that I was empowering and in tuned with what I am attempting to accomplish.   Wow, all glory belongs to God.  You just don’t know how your story can be an inspiration until you see it first hand or hear from someone you don’t know.

It was a fun atmosphere for all attendees and businesses.  I will definitely recommend BBI to future small Businesses for this Event. They are reliable, courteous, and friendly. This was another great event.

 I would like to thank everyone from BBI for this involved and very brilliantly organized event. I will definitely be back next year with an aim of speaking to more people and creating more connections.



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