When you feel stuck sometime it could feel like emptiness, constraints, or your thoughts are clogged like an artery.  You actually feel drained or feel a disconnection from what it is you want to do personally or business wise. Sometimes they’re caused by the project not being ready to emerge yet. What happens during times of drought? We absorb and get consumed by pushing things down like the roots of a tree deeply into our subconscious. For the most part, life becomes a steady cycle of achieving a goal, dreaming bigger, realizing it in an ever-evolving state of expansion of you intellectually, skill wise, or your infusion of growth. If there are materialistic things coming in the way, push them aside. In other words, get as clear as you can about what the issue is, where it comes from, what it feels like in your body.

Usually as we’re trying to figure it out, we’re using our conscious minds, trying to logically reason why on earth we’re feeling so stuck. Sometimes you have to breath, break, and reflect on other things.   Just to change what is going on in your jumbled thoughts take action of calmness and inner peace. What this means is you need to take a break from what it is that you are doing.  Clear your mind and change your scenery. Surrender it and release it so that you can have serenity. Go for a walk exercise or have a home frugal pampering day just for you.  Rest and relaxation to give you a chance to clear your mind and your thoughts, and rejuvenate.

After doing all of this try stretching and get those happy endorphin’s going. Once you start this in motion, you may find that you are discharging the emotions connected to the issue.  Think of the good things. For instance, what makes you happy?  What have you accomplished? Remember blocks can be erased. We learn to trust our ability to endure, to survive, and to grow or germinate. Just be aware and ride it out, staying in that place of trust.

Try illuminating happiness it is one of the best natural medicines. Reprogram your thoughts so that you are clear on what you want to accomplish. Shift into gear and begin again.

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