Future Filmmakers Workshop Bluenose-Ability Film Festival 4

Instructor Ben Sullivan- ReachAbility

Trevor Morse – Facilitator – ReachAbillty

Jake Ivany –Festival Director – Bluenose –Ability Film Festival


Bridget C. Williams

It was a great opportunity to meet the ReachAbility team at the Bluenose-Ability Film Festival Workshop.   What an amazing opportunity to see what goes on behind the scene of a production.    They were truly remarkable and inspiring facilitating and are passionate about the industry.   The workshop for me is that I wanted more.   I have learned more about filmmaking than I could have ever dreamed.

It was a plethora of intricate parts of the production industry.   We were provided with hands on training filming, lighting, and shown some editing.    There were many areas of the industry dialogued from camera shots, montage, digital imaging, scripting for the screen, and the list goes on.    The number of cameras required for different scenes.  When microphones pick up your vocals it must be precise oratorically.

Future Filmmakers Workshop Bluenose-Ability Film Festival


When writing a script you must be aware that 1 page is actually 1 minute when filming.  We also discussed books being turned into screen plays.  We had the most valuable advice about how to create an atmosphere of trust and concentration and  everybody felt able to share their thoughts, engage, and network.

It was very informative to not just hear the experts talk,  but Minister Ince actually knew a lot about the industry of Filming, acting, stunts, stunt double.   Did you know that Minister Ince was actually in the Blues Brothers Movie and Mimic?  Well I never thought he was the daredevil type.     He knew the number of different roles in a production as well.

Future Filmmakers Workshop Bluenose-Ability Film Festival Tony Ince

The workshop encompassed writing and editing, a script, Hands-on lighting and camera work, Film shots and their meanings, and how to work with an editing program.

There were a substantial number of roles in a production which could vary based on the production size and budget.

Types of film making

  • News

  • Documentaries

  • TV Shows

  • Commercials

  • Broadcasting

  • Movies

  • Cinematography

  • And so much more.

It was an amazing and a very empowering workshop – you want to go out and direct immediately, putting into practice what you’ve just learned. We really bonded as a group.   If there is one thing that has helped me  for next year it would be this workshop.

The Bluenose-Ability Film Festival is on all weekend at the Halifax Central Library so check it out.   December 3, 2017 is the last day for this event.

Future Filmmakers Workshop Bluenose-Ability Film Festival 3



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