Bridget C.  Williams

So where do you begin.  Do you want to exist or live?  Impacting is a profound positive effect on those around us.  You leave a lasting impression positive or negative.   This is based on how you want to be remembered.

You can’t accomplish anything sitting in the back seat or behind the scene.   Impact requires guided efforts in some cases or many.   It must be a purposeful effort with high intention.  You may have to include others to help you with the impact.

We all impact others every day.  Developing your impact goes hand in hand with self-development. We all impact others through our ethnicity, gender, appearance, style of communication, dialect, culture, body language, and relationships.

Bridget september 13 the Event

You want to look at impacting ideas.

  • Acknowledgement give and take

  • What is need for others

  • Issue that need to be confronted

  • Mistakes happen (It’s an experience –so move on)

  • Listening

  • Follow through

  • Flexibility

  • Completing

  • Negotiating

  • Change preparation

  • Ask for help

  • Confidentiality

I would rather go to bed knowing I made a difference and not just existed.  Empowerment is a great way to impact others and how they perceive themselves.

How do you want to be remembered?   Whatever you do should help others while transforming who you are.   Don’t just impact the lives of others. Impact your own life as well.  With knowledge comes growth.



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