When you are masked with deception and overflow from working, insomnia, stress, raising a family, or when your inner critic decides to show up, and you are trying to keep your sanity— it can be difficult.  Well in the mist of it all we know life happens.

 This becomes part of your inner and outer wellness that is off kilter.   Your inner and outer wellness is connected holistically.    One doesn’t usually function well without the other.  A wellness offering will transform your life and leave you feeling inspired and energized. If you are unable to focus it can be draining and may cause mental or physical problems. Improving concentration is about trying to figure out what’s causing the distractions.

This can happen when you are juggling more than one thing at a time or multi-tasking at work for instance.   Things become De-shelved in your mind for some a disconnection from your surroundings. Chaos begins to intervene.  This is when you have to breathe and be still for a moment just to get your bearings. We all have been here at some point.   Sometime you just have to put things aside for a minute to rethink.    However, when you are on an emotional rollercoaster ride it is difficult to stay grounded within and can cause vulnerability.

Focusing set priorities of purpose and direction. It helps you to execute and complete task.  It also means giving foundation to your work.  Focus comes from a motivational bench mark.  It shows cases your improvements and progress. Focusing is a gateway to all thinking.


This way even if you get distracted, you know exactly what you’re focusing on at any given time and you can work until you finish it, and then motivate yourself to the next task. It’s also important to look at other lifestyle choices that might be behind your lack of focus instead.


  • Some people find methods of physical activity or meditation to stay focus. The activities allow you to be present in the now and to feel peace within.

  • Soaking in a hot bath can also help to refocus all the negative drainage goes away with the calmness and relaxation. Begin to think of all the good things that happened throughout your day.  You know we actually tend to focus more on the negative.

  • Being still rethinking and refocusing by just absorbing the present moment and be in the now.

  • Home spa treatment

  • Meditation and Prayer

  • Re-evaluate how you sleep

  • Stop thinking about the things you have to do during this process

  • Identify the problem


  1. Identify the problem

  2. One task at a time

  3. Update your priorities

  4. Think about your recent decision and values

  5. Block out distractions if possible

  6. What is the reason you are pursuing this goal

  7. Positive self-talk when the chips are down

  8. Affirmation of Positivity

  9. Set a timer so you don’t lose track of time

  10. Remove distracting things (a phone, TV, computer, and more )

  11. If it is a problem that has gone completely unchecked, we find ourselves thinking (I really need to deal with that)

  12. Have you plan what you want to do before hand?

  13. Clean up your surroundings (messy desk)

  14. Are you a workaholic? Perhaps it is time to cut back


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