Centre for Women in Business

For 75 years BDC has been helping Canadian entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses. For BDC Small Business Week we’re joining them in celebrating the people behind the business. Here’s Bridget C. Williams on entrepreneurship:

“Being a small business owner it allows you to have a more a closer relationship with your clients/customers. They are not just a number like the big chains stores. You get an opportunity to network with so many other small businesses and amazing people. Networking at events and conferences permit businesses to gain valuable face time with potential purchasers that will increase awareness of your business’s brand, and develop relationships. The only downside is that you can’t attend them all.

Educational opportunities are available to you which have a huge impact on your business opportunities. Woman-owned business gives businesses access to an exclusive niche that is desirable within the business industries. The training programs, educational workshops, and mentorship programs are fuel for business. It is through healthy competition that we are inspired to innovate and motivate.

What is rewarding is when you have the Aha moment when you reach others that you don’t know you personally. When people actually say your product has helped them or a family member. It is so surreal and humbling. You realize you are helping people and that’s what it is all about. You get personal satisfaction when you know your product is working. I go by what I hear and not by what I see.

Personal growth on this transformation journey while helping the economy. We must be prepared to do business with all the assets you will need in today’s world, even if you have to change things.

Don’t give up keep moving.”

Bridget C. Williams, Author
Member from 2017-2018

For more information on Small Business Week:



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