Trying to catch teens and student before they apply for credit and loans is the best way toward financial stewardship responsibilities. Before you use credit, think about how you will pay it back. This books has lots of tips and things you need to be aware of.






Things you need to know because there is a lot going on when it comes to Loans and Credits.

 You will experience charges and interest based on the product you select. Credit card companies make their money by charging interest and fees. People spend more money with credit cards than cash. This can potentially be a huge down fall for future.

Teens are being taught that a credit card is a status of adulthood.  This is obsolete.  This comment no longer determines any status because it is based on maturity and your responsibility to pay it back.   Times are changing and so is technology.  Keep in mind a futuristic approach.   Asking the right questions can also play huge part of your journey to credit.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

   What is a grace period? Actually there is no grace in it.    Pay your bills on time because you get hit with a late fee, and interest, plus the amount outstanding.   I am just keeping it real.  You need to know this because at the end of the day you may end up like the rest of the world with huge credit debt.

Track your spending because when you signed the contract it means you are obligated to pay the money back.  In your teenage years, you should be getting ahead financially, not falling behind.