Emerging Lens 2017-April

Emerging Lens Event 2017 “Through our Eyes”

Bridget C. Williams

April 20th at the Halifax Central Library I had the honor of being the a runway host and was given an opportunity to interview two well known film makers Tyronne Thomy from Ontario, Canada  created the movie mariner.  He won the award for Griot award (Story Teller). Mariner is a taut and unsettling drama about an ambitious marine navigation cadet on the verge of cracking during his final exams. The recruit is haunted by an incident from his past — and fights to find a way to turn his personal demons into a source of strength.

The second person I interviewed was  the creator of  a  Documentary called  “Without Consultation” – Fateh Ahmed based film about taxes and how this affect the film industry and the number of producers and film makers who have to leave the province or find other mean of monetary  means.

The event was awesome and had an array of producers, film makers, cast, and politicians in the audiences.   The films were well perceived and applauded.   The Co-founders Shelly Fashan, and Tara Taylor had created and have been reinventing the wheel for every Emerging Lens Festival.    This is the 7th year for this event and had taken place for 4 days and in 4 different locations locally in Nova Scotia.   The finally took place at the Black Cultural Centre on Saturday 22, 2017.     This is a cultural festival which has embraced so many cultures, films,  and musicians.  The plethora of short films sent in internationally was amazing.   the different languages,  and multicultural flare says it all in regards to the platforms which are being presented.    The films were all very diverse with creative over and undertones.

The film Together which I had the opportunity to be Assistant Director.  It was the Audience Choice Award. 

There are pictures from the event:
emerging lens Halifax NS 2017emerging lens Halifax NS Griot Winneremerging lens winners and performeremerging lens Tara Tayloremerging lens Halifax NS2017emerging lens Halifax NS aPRIL 20THemerging lens 2017 Bridget Williams Runway host