It was a great opportunity to dialogue and meet with the young entrepreneurs. It was a time to teach them about the importance of running a business and the steps you have to take. It’s not always about success it is about being sure that customers are happy with the product they provide. They have to realize that there will be trial and error on this journey but they have to keep plugging away.
They were provided with a short synopsis of what has and is happening on my journey of entrepreneurship. I gave them a clip of my business journey and the pitfalls and accomplishments. It was IMPORTANT to do something they like and how important it is to enjoy becoming an entrepreneur.

All of the camper’s families had businesses we focused of those areas also. They were asked about some of the things they like to do with their family business or what task they had to do. This is a great way to learn customer services, network, and can be an essential part of running a business.
The children were engaging and inquisitive. I was asked many questions which gave me an opportunity to dialogue and express different platforms regarding each question. The initiative, drive, and having fun is important and that running a business is not easy. If they encounter pitfalls at one thing try other alternatives and not to give up.
They were asked what they liked or didn’t like about the family business. Has the family business influenced them into the path or direction they want to go into? They had some great ideas of what they want to do.


During the training session the kids were taught the importance of being customer focused and how it plays a huge role in the business world.
We explored the dynamics of:
• Competition
• Client base
• Business plan
• Skills
• Partnership or proprietorship
• Social Media
• Marketing
• Failure
• Networking and so much more

We discuss social media and how it plays an important role in marketing your business as well as other aspects.
The most important thing was what they want their business to look like.
They had an opportunity to look at the 17 books as well as the award. I told them to not give up to believe in their product and to make a difference in the lives of other. Every product out there has a purpose and there are many competitors.
They were inspired and impressed by the number of books I wrote and by the award of only being in business for 1 year and 1 month. The explanation I gave to them was “it is important to appreciate what you obtain and to not to take things for granted, it takes long hours, hard work, motivation, initiative and drive, can do attitude and spirit”.
Each child was provided with a Starting a business certificate, handout booklet what you want your business to look like, along with a pamphlet of Bridget’s businesses and journey were emailed out to each camp member by CEED.

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