I am a stage 4 cancer survivor and life tried to consume me. This is a piece of my journey, I hope it can help someone. God said remember your struggles can help others. The lessons in your life can be a blessing to someone else.










Surviving stage 4 Cancer and Coping with the Change of Cancer

A person facing a big change might, for example, experience depression, anxiety, or fatigue; develop trouble sleeping or eating well; or may use other things to help.

Upcoming change. Often, stress can develop out of fear of what is unknown. When one is well-informed about a change for cancer, it may not be easy to face.

Being healthy in mind and body may make it easier to cope with  this change in life. Sleeping well, exercising, and eating nutritional foods regularly may all be beneficial in improving both physical and mental health along your journey of recovery.

Taking time to RELAX. Remaining calm in spite of stress may be easier when one’s life is well-adjusted and includes time for healing and recovery as well as work.

It may be helpful to avoid making a large change immediately after another change. Generally, adjusting to a change takes some time, and making multiple changes at once, even smaller ones, may not allow enough time for an adjustment period, which can cause stress and other health problems.

Discussing any difficulties adapting with another person and being honest about how you are feeling is imperative. Family members may be able to help you to  adjust to change, but professional help may also benefit those experiencing difficulty with stress as a result of this  life change.

Taking in the proper food, the right exercise, and having a great support system make a big difference.   I was blessed to have friends and family who had cancer and was a light of hope of encouragement and determination help me  to get through it.

Don’t take life for granted because today is not promised to anyone.

I believe that I survived because Gods plan was for me to Write books to help people.  My life lesson is a blessing for someone out there.



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