Most people like to wait because they want to process things before they do them.   Those individuals that don’t like to wait they get frustrated and are in a hurry to get the next thing.  Sometimes the wait is so that we can be prepared for what is to come.   Patience is a virtue.  It took me a long time, and I finally arrived to have a lot more patience and tolerance.  As we learn to become patient we start to look at things with a clearer perspective.

To wait does not mean procrastinate that is a totally different ball of wax.

Waiting transforms our character and who we are. When we have to wait so long, we tend to cherish and take care of it more than others might. People tend to treasure the things they have to wait for, this takes time and patience—to remove things that may be hindering your growth in a number of areas in your life.

The situations that cause us to wait are:



We hold onto bad relationships because of time invested, religion/spiritual, children, and our feelings of love for the other person.   This in the long run may cause physical, mental, health, and emotional deterioration.  We also learn from bad experiences in our lives and the world.  When we wait we begin to take action to defuse the rhetoric, tolerance, practice peace, compassion, and understanding.

Once we understand why we wait we begin to change our emotions, our actions, our beliefs. You become independent to self-identification.  A realization of who you truly are comes into play.

Based on where you live it may be customary to wait because of the culture and traditional belief system. This is classified as admiration, and respect, for the culture and their value system for the most part.

We wait to rebuild ourselves when we have adversity. Why do we do this? Why can’t we rebuild ourselves before it comes to this?

Some of the most intimate/closest relationships we have in our lives are because a friend/partner/family stood with us during the battle, or during our healing process.  You may wait for love because you have been through a number of bad relationships and have to find yourself, and know who you are, before re-entering into another relationship.  Finding out who you are and what you are not willing to accept in a relationship will help you to become aware of what you are actually looking for.  This will avoid repeating and falling back into the same trap.

People will hold onto possession because of value or sentimental reasons before it becomes a problem of space and hoarding.  Things for some reason have taken control over people and people focus more on things than living breathing human beings.  This is the real deal.  Things will come and go. Embrace the ones who care and adore you.  Time waits for NO one. When you see people around you dying more people start to think differently for a short period time.   Think differently all the time because while you are here on this earth you must make a difference, and not just exist.

To tell someone you believe in them today.