Women Empowerment – Continual Transformation

Women Empowerment –Continual Transformation

Bridget C. Williams

We as women have to empower and create a platform so that each and every one of us is in a continual transforming state.   In some cases we have a problem identifying who we are and our abilities.  You are the most important part of your transition. When you are aware of the change then you just have to be determined and committed on your journey.

I began to think of things that are real and things that can be changed. The day you find out who you are is when you look back and realize that it was never the words, rather your actions that defined you.

We all have talents and skills and don’t always use them to our full potential.   It is the experiences, growth, patience, and reflection of it all that keeps women going. We must expand our horizons and embrace our talents.  You have a purpose and must full-fill it. Release the fear of doubt! You can do it!  It doesn’t come easy but is possible and worth it.

Opportunities are boundless if you tap into the right one. We also like to think we are open-minded and objective, but research has shown that our beliefs, values gained from our families, cultures and our life experiences play a significant role about how we view people who are difference from us.

Some voices have been largely absent from the decision-making table. Learning how to first lead ourselves, relate to the business world, network and experience working together under a unique set of circumstances.

We have to define what it is that we want to project and execute.    We have to reach for the stars and raise bars that are higher than we have ever dreamed of.   Don’t give up!  If you fall off what you are trying to accomplish than you should just start over from where you left off.   It’s never too late to get back on track.

If you want gender equality step out and make a difference. Empowerment is a way for others to see women as equal members of society. Through this, they achieve more self-respect and confidence by their contributions to their communities.  So become that trail blazer that is within you!