March 11, 2017

Light House at New Beginning Ministries

 Bridget C. Williams 


I would like to thanks Summer Spivey for invitation to showcase my books at this event.   Take the opportunity to get exposure when it comes along.  When God is guiding your steps do his will for your life.

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This year’s international women’s day kick off for Selah Women’s Ministry of New Beginnings Ministries.  Dana Saunders and Summer Spivey managed to pull off the ultimate Women’s Day Expo.   There will be other events going on next Weekend get your tickets now from Selah Women’s Ministry.  


The Selah Women’s Ministry bought together international women and local women on one platform to support each other and to bring awareness of the businesses which women have throughout the province of Nova Scotia.   It was a great way to connect and do some networking for your business.   You could learn a few things from others who had a business for years. In the business sector we count a number of women from a diverse backgrounds selling  products; jewellery, make up, pictures, books, training guides, photo’s, pillow, quilts, Artefacts, t-shirts, hot sauces, carmel sauce, and chocolate sauce, cell phone repair, real estate, slippers, wedding planning, outdoor beautification, quilts and blankets, and so much more.

The support from the community was amazing and very supportive.  Next event I will have copies of my books.   This was invigorating and a good opportunity to explore new initiatives and insights.  Pastor Spivey was on the grounds also.

It   was a great opportunity for women to bond and bring forth their business.   There is now a removal from underground businesses who took the first step to showcase their work.  Women are doing great things across the province.

The venders who participated were Bridget C. Williams (Adjusting Your Life Style Frugal Spending  B. Williams), Tanika Bundy (Queen and Kings Natural Products), Carmen Peckham (Jamberry), Cynthia Conrad (Century 21), Clique Beauty Studio, Dance Studio  26, Lisa Coates (Level Ten Landworks),  Aimee Silver (Epicure), Sushma Paul (Sushma’s Henna), Linda Holmes (My Smart Foods), Deb Ann Hart (USANNA Health Science), Caralee McDaniel (Tocrara Fine Jewellery), Tara Taylor, Kristen Conrod (Younique),  Mady Simmonds and Shauna Thomas (Arborne representatives), Lori Graves (TLC), Kay D (Photographer), Mrs. Cain  with her hot sauce, Melanie Gough (Steeped Tea), Shauna Eason (Tiber River at Home), Cindy Cain (We been Here),  Corinne  Williams (Corinne Lasting Kisses), Bridget Wright (Classy Lady Event Planner and Rentals),  Cheryl Carpenter (Cheryl Cottage Creations), Charissa Crawley (Crawley Repair Service), Denise Muise and Janet MacKaracher ( Voxx Life – Fancy Feet), and so many more.



Tara Taylor Film Maker and Business Owner


Shelley Fashon Health and Welness and Politics.

NEXT Year’s expo will grow exponentially and continue to bring forth awareness.   We must continue to lift each other up as women of all races across the world and encourage one another.  Let continue to be that ray of hope in the light of all business locally and globally.

Check out the Vendor Pictures


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