2016 The Beginning


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Adjusting your life style and Frugal Spending B. Williams Business was registered in July of 2016 officially. I had an opportunity to have my books published on Amazon internationally through self-publication outlets.   This experience has allowed me to explore other avenues in my life and to appreciate what has happened to date.  At times it feels as though I am Day Dreaming but glory to god for guiding my steps and transforming my life.   This venture is part of the new beginning and transition which has been a blessing and lesson.  The books are to stimulate the minds of people of all ages that have encountered experiences that were not always pleasant.   However, it is not about having a pity party.   It’s a journey that can be transformed and how to not let your pitfalls stop you from moving forward.

At the end of December 2016 the business had a total of 3 workbooks, and 8 books on amazon social media.   The books have also been showcased on YouTube as well.   I hope to become more seasoned as the years go by and create grass roots to eradicate living from pay check to pay check.


The Black Business Initiative BBI has allowed me the opportunity to take business training through there initiative in helping small businesses and with a vision, inspiration, and attainable full potential.   I also acquired additional training through Department of Labour and Advance Education NS,   Business Cohort Leadership, and African Diaspora of the Maritimes in the province. 


Business Cohort Leadership – June 2016

The Black & Immigrant Women Celebratory Event presented by  Mrs. Ann Divine, MA, BA Recognition and Appreciation Certificate as one of the Top 100 Women to Watch in Canada.


Styles by SD – September 2016

I was invited to participate at Styles by SD (Samantha Dixon, Owner), 162 Portland St., Dartmouth NS at the Black Hair Culture event in September 2016. I had the privilege of informally introducing the business and the books. I briefly facilitated, dialogued, and showcased the books to the public and participants.

The group had been informed briefly on what each book entailed and how it could benefit them and others. I discussed the seriousness of living from pay check to pay check and impoverish lifestyles, as well as the G7 debt ratio for each country.   These books are to teach people how they can overcome and be transformed through ways to cut spending, frugal spending, come through life challenges, starting over, and transitioning.


Photo-shoot – October 2016

Photos were taken by BBI – Halifax Nova Scotia Location to show Adjusting your lifestyle frugal spending books and Training Guides.


Recognition and Acknowledgements  

Black Business Initiative

Business of the Week Acknowledgement – November 3, 2016

Bridget is always looking for opportunities to educate herself and share her knowledge with others. So she decided to put her knowledge and skills into practice and write her books.


Bridget Williams has always shared & displayed her drive & initiative towards being an entrepreneur while taking BBI’s Training Courses. We are so proud of Bridget for taking action this year by officially registering her business, as well as developing & launching a number of books based on improving one’s lifestyle and means of living.


Ashanti Leadership and Professional Development Services – November 26, 2016

Trailblazer Acknowledgement





 Our trailblazer this week is a remarkable beautiful woman who has inspired me in so many ways. Bridget’s family history is rooted African Nova Scotian community. She lived in British Columbia for several years and worked in both the public and the private sector in various administrative and project management capacity before returning to Nova Scotia.

Bridget’s strength lies in her capacity to challenge herself and transform adversity into a powerful sense of self-worth. Nothing gets her down, even when she is down; she finds the capacity to pick herself up.


 BBI 20th Anniversary Celebration- December 1, 2016

Black Business Initiative – Happy 20th Anniversary for creating sustainable business friendly support, globally thriving, and opportunity focused business relationships. This was an exciting time to dialogue, hand out brochure, flyers, newsletters, and business cards, through networking privileges.


It is an honor to be in the training and business skills development section of the BBI Special 20th Anniversary Issue.




Stay Tuned for 2017