Chains of Dysfunction

Bridget C. Williams 


Dysfunction is not something we tend to talk about. Have you turned your life around because of past dysfunction and deception? What controversy lies under such a huge territory? Living with dysfunction starts when your life, or another person’s life, ceases to operate normally or properly. You can turn your dysfunctional life around.












It’s the deviation from the norms of social behaviour in a way regarded as bad. However these days it appears to be the norm.  In the long run turns out to be betrayal and is part of deception.  People don’t always realize that they have dysfunction in their lives.   Most People opt out or don’t always realize that they have problem.  They tend to be in denial.  Are you one of those people who are constantly self-doubting or has lack of self-compassion?   Hiding behind and protecting you from not being hurt and afraid to speak out.    Don’t be afraid to take off the mask of Dysfunction and work through it.

Come out and reveal truth.  They say the truth hurts but at the end it comes out doesn’t it.   Find that someone you have been lying to and be honest about how you are feeling.   Make sure to pray prior to having a discussion.  It tends to alleviate fear and pressure.  Have the discussion when it’s not chaotic.

Dysfunction Cover a huge area.  It’s about daily transactions in life with out people recognizing it.

How do you stop it!

  • Love Your Self

  • Have Boundaries

  • Awareness

  • Speak Truth