Bridget C. Williams

If you don’t have these items you don’t have to purchase them just improvise with existing things in your home. Organizing and de-cluttering is a great way to save money.

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Have your child plan their wardrobe one school week at a time. Store outfits within five stacking cubbies or on five combination hangers (hangers with a bar and clips to hold pants as well as a top) to streamline their morning routine.

Cut the amount of time you spend going from linen closet to bathroom by installing extra towel storage via a hotel-style double towel bar.

Keep one basket per person in your mudroom or front entrance, so everyone knows where to drop off/find their personal on-the-go essentials like keys, bags, homework etc.

Shopaholics can put those pretty boutique bags to use by hanging them on the wall or arranging them on a shelf, where they can store scarves and belts.

Use a pantry cabinet to put clothes in folded and saves money, storage for cleaning supplies, other household items, or school supplies.

Make space by putting your CDs in organizers, Recycle the jewel cases or put them into storage in the attic. Or, purge your CD clutter once and for all by having your CDs converted to digital files at Sell or donate the used CDs.

Stop stressing over the emergency preparedness kit the Canadian government recommends all families have. Just make one and get on with your life.. Obtain a list and pick these items up yourself it’s never too late to start.  If you have these items look at the expiration date.

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