Samantha Dixon-Slawter – Styles by SD

“When you start something on your own, you’re so much more emotionally invested in it than you are with other companies.”* Being a business owner myself, having experienced the passion to help people, encourage them and enhance their lives with my skills I tip my hat to Bridget in her Endeavour to do the same with her books. I believe Bridget’s books can be a tool to enhance, educate and encourage our community. It could touch our generation, and generation before and after. It is a necessity for us as a people (African Nova Scotian, the Black community as a whole) to seek wholeness and unity, to support one another and become more responsible to each other and to reach those in need. I believe that Bridget has found her calling and those in a position to help get the word out and the work done through her books should snatch that opportunity up. Through God’s help, and other’s he sends her way, Bridget’s Books can be a powerful tool to aid in moving some in our community to the next level. A level measured by self-sufficiency, self-awareness, sustainability and success. This can be done through workshops, seminars and classes with Bridget book’s being the teaching tool and her being at the helm. Bridget has attended our Black Hair-story of Nova Scotia, and our Christmas Hair Fair as a special guest. She presented her books with style and grace. Everyone loved her. I will be a proponent of Bridget’s efforts and passion to help and encourage people. We love you Bridget. Thank you for answering your call. All the best Bridget… God’s Blessings, love, peace and joy.