My prayer for you today

January 17, 2017

God your word says in faith healing of sickness, disease, and illness.  God’s will shows up surprisingly when you least expect it.   You God are the greatest physician of all times.  Intercede for all of those who has  traumatic conditions not knowing their illness.   All power is yours God.   We strive daily to be more like you god.   May you be wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up in Jesus.

God’s love is found deeply into his everlasting arms.  Lord keeps us carried and safe.    You touched us and flooded our souls.   Allow us to be filled with your love lord god.   Trusting your instance god gave it to you.  Have a kindred spirit when handling other people’s business.   You don’t know where they have been or what they are going through.   Don’t pass judgment because it comes back on you.

God want you to let go of what you can’t control.   Surround yourself with love.   Thanking god for health and strength.  Make it so Lord God that we may become fearless.    Devine God make it so that our understanding is understood.    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned through god.   God is life giving power through every cell in our body and into the depth of our souls.

God can restore, purify, and cleanse us with your holiness.   I pray for change and adoration.  I pray that you may take a step toward god tonight.  You guide us god, you show us love when there is humility and despair.  I want to share you Jesus –your perfection and truth to other.  God is never blind to your tears or deaf to your prayers.

Bridget Williams







My prayer for you today

January 16, 2017


The best remedy to weariness is diligence and prayer.  When we are lost or confused about our purpose god give us guidance. Reveal the treaded waters you want us to follow. Overflowing love and mercies shines down on us because of you.   We require your sustenance and food for thought, Jesus.   Open the flood gates of heaven and break every chain.  Bring us boldness and patience.  Give us that ray of sunshine in our hearts.

Nurture our souls and give us self-control god.     Without you god we are an empty vessel.    We want to be virtuous in our lives.  As we move upstream in into the current of flowing waters, cleanse our minds, bodies, and spirits.   We may be transformed into conquerors and become steadfast for you God.  Let our past not define our future.

 Give us a watchful spirit and praying heart.  Open our mouth boldly so that we may make known the mystery of the gospel.  Intervene and give others their hearts desires to be more like you.    When you are broken, disappointed, burden, negative encounters pray often.   Release it into the hands of god to cleanse your pallet.

Kneel down before god and humble our hearts and remove the thorns.   Carry us lord when we are week.   Lift the fainthearted into our fathers’ hands so that he may deliver them from that weary land.  Rejoice in hope and encounter a fervent spirit.


Bridget Williams








My prayer for you today

January 15, 2017


As we persevere in life it’s not because of us it’s because of you God.    I declare lord that our word are not returned as void but as accomplished.  When I am tempted to give up, you empower  me with hope, and trust, in you Lord to clear the path.   We shall reap abundance in whatever you have planned in our steadfast journey.  God want you to be victorious and successful in what he has planned for you.

Don`t allow other to poison your spirit of moving forward.  All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us daily.   You literally moved mountains without a flinch.   You perform miracle renewing lives daily.   Empower us to stand firm and our labours are not in vein.   Quench our thirst Lord to want more and more.  Forgive us for blaming you for our downfalls and for making poor choices.   Direct our path so that we may encompass the blessings to come.

We surrender arrogance and choose to follow your will for us.   It’s not always about us.  It’s your plan for us to reach others.   Cleanse us from unrighteousness.   Let us follow your will for us so that we may not faultier.   I pray for endurance, humility, understanding, and for grace to abound our hearts.   Protect us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Shape our personalities into godly leaders.

Give us eyes that look to you by deepening our love for one another.   Give us integrity, and infuse us with wisdom of intelligence.  I know that you are working behind the scenes in many of our future benevolence and freely giving. Show us compassion towards other diversities. Love your enemies and forgive them.  Form a prayer of adoration, confession, intercession and thanksgiving.  Pray at all time in the spirit of supplication.

Bridget Williams





My prayer for you today

January 14, 2017

Heavenly Father, we live in a world where the security we once seemed to enjoy has been eroded.  Lord we praise your name that we can entrust our future in your safe-keeping, knowing that your love surrounds us and that your grace is sufficient.  May we learn day by day to prevent our eyes from focusing on the trials and tribulations that are coming on the earth – and rather help us to look to Jesus, knowing that in all things He is the victor.

Oh it is Jesus, yes it is Jesus in my Soul . If I could touch the hem of his garment and his blood has made me whole. This hymn is so real to many  of us.   Those who have been in turmoil and despair but through the hand of god have been transformed.   Your desire for us is to wear our banner of love. We worship, praise and bless, your holy and worthy name! We worship and adore you.

Thank you lord for the changes you are creating in us.  God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn’t.  Let go and let god intervene in your life.    It all right that you don’t know all the right moves it takes time and patience. Thank You that Your approval does not rely on me at all but simply rests on the fact that I believed on the Lord Jesus as my Saviour. May  you wrap your arms around those who are hurting. Lord give us grace. God  you give unconditional love to all who are saved and non-saved.  You have given us  grace, through faith in Christ Jesus.

As you encircle us with your love, so may we love you and one another. We are blessed and are preserved and have endured  growth through our hardships for your name Jesus.  Grant us peace and love with faith.  Love the Lord God with all our heart soul and might. You’ve made us to be a kingdom to serve our God and Holy Father forever.

Bridget Williams


My prayer for you today

January 13, 2017


 Father gods in heaven permanently ward off any dangers in our lives with your precious blood.   Put your angels of protection around me and my family and others.    The dangers of hidden manipulations must be removed and cast out into the pit of hell where they belong.    God of heaven and of earth I commit and surrender my all to you God and other should do this also.

 Father god you are the benefit of radical and spiritual life changes.    We crave your Power Jesus so that you may transform and rectify any and all things not of you.  Get into our spirits so that we crave you every day and every hour.   You are a reflection of how our lives should be over flowing with an abundance of prosperity; love, financial wellness, and bringing us through impoverish life styles.

May our hearts and minds wonders of the gifts you have for us.    Remove difficulties god with your Powerful hands just one swipe to take it all away.  Magnify your nuances in our bodies and lives.    What you want to flourish god for us cannot be removed, broken, or stolen by any demonic forces or worldly forces.    Deliver us from evil God.

Give us life and breathe your breath of life into us so that we may be renewed continually and spiritually.  Diversions, deceit, and deception must be removed so that we can be changed and be more like you.  In the days ahead God cover me, my family and others.     Your impactful powerful punch and inclination to put mercy and grace in our spirits, thoughts, and hearts.

You Lord God are tried and true. Anoint us with your holy power and mustard seed of growth. Father god thank you in advance for intercession over my life and other people lives sweet and Holy Father. I crave you Jesus daily. I am overjoyed with inner peace and your healing power God.

Bridget Williams


My prayer for you today

January 12, 2017


Father we pray for those with sickness in their bodies and mind.  Restore the removal of their pain, sickness, sooth their worries.    Give them your peace and comfort.  In every moment you are present with us oh god. Give us hope for all persons and not to our own understanding.   You know our minds and our spirits to intercede according to your will.

In the mist of our pain and weakness, strengthen us with your healing power.    Be with us lord in our times of need.   You are our watchful shepherd that shows light in the darkest of times.   You continue to shower us with love in our sickness and pain. You walk beside us each moment of our lives.

 God will touch you with his healing hand.   Your power and your glory are manifested over the earth in the hearts of those believers.   Rest your weary ones and sooth the suffering ones Lord. Have faith in knowing that god is all power.  The revelations are being revealed to us daily.

Our eternal god unclog the spirit of fear from us.  Give us faith so that we can affirm you are always on time when it is right for you.   Sometimes the waiting is a reflection of what you wants us to do is trust your timing and not ours.   We implore the aid of your tender mercy to remove our afflictions.  God you are our life source for healing the spirit calmly.    Grant us the consciousness of your indwelling of health and wellness.

Bridget Williams





My prayer for you today

January 11, 2017


Forgive us for the promise of resolution we made a never fulfilled.  Forgive us for the times we neglected to pray. Forgive us for neglecting ourselves and our temple which belongs to you.  Allow us to have self-control and not to indulge in glutton mannerisms of all kinds.   Let us recall the things which hindered us from getting close to you.

Personal supplication can be offered through Jesus Christ.   The Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit (trilogy) which is before us.   In this moment I must pursue you.  Stir up our hearts and the questions in my spirit.   Embrace the hollow awakenings which we desire to know more about you Lord God. Grant us wisdom to follow your direction and path of righteousness.

Our lives will be transformed because of you lord rising up in our spirit.   Thank you lord for the life you have given to us.   Equip us with your will and engrain in us patience and perseverance.   Shelter us from yourself destruction and self-worthlessness.  Give us power to overcome turbulence which will soon come to pass.

 Refine our perspective, attitudes, and action to be more like you.  Let us watch what we say not to offend others.  Always think what god would do in a situation.   He would not be disrespectful, deceitful, crude, or vulgar he would extend his hand because that is the god I serve.

Bridget Williams





My prayer for you today

January 10, 2017

I asked for strength god gave us difficulties to make us strong. I asked for wisdom god gave us problems to solve.   You heavenly father gave us dangers to overcome.  God put us in places where we had to wait and be patience.   Heavenly father you gave us opportunities which has forced us to get over our fears and despairs.     You showed us how to think more of others than ourselves.   You taught how to trust your sense of timing.

We surrender our will for wiser and greater plans.  You showed us how to embrace others and be kind.  We long to be in your holy presence father God.  You resurrected our spirits from death through Jesus Christ.   Bless us with divine knowledge so that we may teach others.    Bring understanding to our minds so that your teachings are revealed to us.

I pray that god will cover you with understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.  I pray that you will know that you will never be alone.   Remove selfishness, self-centre, ego complex, bring us to our knees to be more like you God.  Show up god and humble our spirits so that we may see your wonders and your grace.  All glory and power belongs to you Lord.

Turn your life lessons into blessings to help those surrounding you and abroad.   Be a reflection of what god wants.  Let your light shine because of him.  We will one day rise up to meet him in the heavens.   Get yourself anchored for these are the last days.

Bridget Williams




My prayer for you today
January 9, 2017


God our heavenly father comfort our families as they wake up and start the day  by giving them peace and endurance.  Give them faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness.  Bring forth constant affection which radiates kindness and love towards everyone.   Let them not take ways and means of their own.    Give them a heart and mind of self-worth towards themselves and others.   Give them light so that they may find love in their spirit which affects those around them.

I pray that you will send down to us your help in raising our children (child). Give me patience and strength to do your will in raising them (him/her). Remind me to plant in their heart the root of all true wisdom and understanding with your guidance.

Protect them from arms way and the enemies’ tricks and distortion of all types.  Open them up to understand your law.  Fortified in them daily bread so that it is necessary for the acquisition of blessings. Let your countenance shine upon them in the days of their tribulation that they may not fall into temptations beyond their strength. Bless the marriages and relationships, I pray, oh loving God, fill it with your peace and joy, and help us in times of difficulty to remember your glory and call upon the powers of your Holy Spirit.

Bring peace and closeness to families who have deteriorated relationships.  Reunite them and bring Peace, into the house, I pray your magnificence will go lucid over their establishment and livelihood.  May never in these walls are heard the hateful or accusing word. Help those to forgive their trespassers so that they will have peace of mind.  You will comfort and guide their steps daily as they journey along the road of forgiveness.  It is difficult but necessary so that they may flourish as you have a blessing a waiting for them once they are delivered.

The gift of life you have given to families we must treasure every moment with our love ones. A miracle you’ve sent our way! King Jesus.  Lord, bless our families today.

Bridget Williams


My prayer for you today
January 8, 2017

Father gods interrupt this internal and external war to heal, teach, us to learn from our trespasses. Heal the afflictions which suppress us from doing your will.

Remove the anxiousness so that we may be still to hear your voice. Surround us with love, peace, and joy.  Send Thy peace O Lord, that we may endure all; tolerate all, in the thought of Thy grace and mercy. Give us clear perspective and mind to focus on you. Evoke your yoke upon us God, that our lives may become a Divine vision and in Thy light, and all darkness may vanish.

The Lord blesses you and keeps you; The Lord makes his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord turns his face toward you and gives you peace. As we each find our own way through the complex maze of inner feelings, it is useful to know that we are not alone in our struggles or in our hopes.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

Intercept this dark cloud that is dissolving people lives. Tear down strongholds and obstacles we face constantly lord with your precious blood. Deliver us from evil and famine. Console the spirits of those who have lost love ones. Give them strength and inner peace. Let us know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Rebuke and cast out any turbulence which tries to consume what you have for us. Shield and protect us from ourselves and the enemy.

Bridget Williams





My prayer for you today.
JANUARY 7, 2017

When god is putting a work in you rebuke and cast out the enemies plan with your precious blood oh lord god. Tear down strongholds and rebelliousness of the enemy, Release all negative toxic non-substantial trivial things. Prayers are the best gift you can receive it is transported directly to god. The power of prayers can move mountains and transform your Life.May God manifest himself today in ways you have never experienced before.

Trust god and have faith in his plan for your life today. Remember all glory belongs to God almighty. I pray that faith enters a new height for you and positive distinctive territories are enlarged and overflowing. I pray for peace, healing, health, happiness, prosperity, joy and a true and undying love for God. Don’t take things for granted because your blessings can be removed. Trust in the alpha, omega, beginning and end. He is in control and will guide your steps but you have to do the work. The sun will shine tomorrow on your beautiful face.

Put the past behind you and move forward because it took you through many stepping stones over the years. Walking on new stones and going in new direction will be blessed by god. Patience is virtue and it takes time. Trust god because without him there are no possibilities and we are nothing. It is time that you start embracing what is to come with open arms from Jesus who sits on the thrown of glory. There will be a new revelations revealed to all who trust and believe in god.

Remove the heaviness of fear when opportunities arise, If you don’t step out on faith how do you know what you can accomplish. One day at a time sweet and Holy Jesus. Take the steering wheel Lord and I cling to you and is sheltered by your grace and mercy. Accept God’s favor and healing power over mind body and spirit.
Protect all of us from the enemy and put your guarded angels around us on a daily basis no matter where we go or live. I trust in your promises, that you will never fail me, never forsake me.Protected by your love,And sheltered by your grace.

Bridget Williams