Centre for Women in Business- Mount Saint Vincent University


Thursday April 6, 2017 –Presenter Nora Perry

I had the liberty of attending as a guest for Relationships Marketing session at Mount Saint Vincent University for The Centre for Women in Business.  

The Round table discussion I had with Lisa, Shelley, Roz, Brittany, Marjorie, Terry, Georgia and I.

I would like to say the energy from the women was amazing. The tenacity and the drive of each woman was  phenomenal.  I also had an opportunity to show case The Adjusting your lifestyle book series as well.

Networking is about building relationships whether it short or long-term. You may find yourself being referred to by others.   Look at building trust and creating long-term relationships.   Be strategic into the areas you want to target.  Try creating your own events.  Follow up with people you meet and see if they are the right fit for your company’s platform.  Try establishing a connection with people who may have the same interest or familiar ones that you have.

Look at how you can be helpful, this may benefit you and the other person.   Start looking at the internet, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and other multi-media communication.   Continue to reconnect with people at events.   Start to look at follow-ups on topics and other areas that will help you on your networking journey.  Also find your way, and feel it out.  For instance community development is all about relationships.   Try focusing on a few people it may be less threatening or intimidating.  Some people may not be the right fit or a good connection. The more you serve the more you get back.    Understanding what matters to the other person and build from the passion of the other person.  Some people may find the word networking intimidating and may use a totally different word.

If possible look for real connections by networking through creating conversations. Find that personal connection and stay in touch.  Networking can affect you as an introvert. Look at the consistency of staying connected.   Figure out who you are close to and nurture the relationship.  Someone suggested the book called the introvert entrepreneur.  Try establishing your connection and realize that we are regular people.  Sometimes you have to engage with people outside of your circle in order to move to the next level in your business.  Send a thank you letter just to let them know your still around and is available.