About me

I am a survivor of Stage 4 Cancer. I am author and I have written over 15 books; my first book was published on Amazon in May of 2016. These are self help workbooks for students in college, and adults on financial, adjusting your life style, banking. frugal spending, back to reality, meals on budgets, etc.

I lived on the West Coast for 15 years and was going through some very hard times. I was also in the banking business prior to my move from the East Coast to the West Coast.

I moved back to Nova Scotia to restart my life over and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. I took some classes on how to be debt free and I wound up helping the facilitator of the class develop the website and realized my calling was to help others through my experiences. You never no where God is going to plant your feet.

About my company

These are book/workbooks to help others on a budget or deal with different aspects of finances. Also, how to transition through change and hardships.  My motto is Rebuilding lifestyles through frugal methodologies is imperative.

I chose this career path because

I was inspired by being a survivor and having to live on a budget. I knew my experiences could help others enormously. This was humbling and I was given grace and mercy in order to do this. My life lessons and testimony can certainly help others. When you have been given a second chance at life you have to transform yourself and make changes for your betterment. Giving back is something taught from my childhood.

I prepared for this career by

Taking classes and workshops at Black Business Initiatives (BBI), African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes (ADAM),  helped me as well as Nova Scotia Business Initiative (NSB|) and my experiences in Banking. In future, I will take classes at the Mount Saint Vincent University The Centre for Women in Business.  I will continue to using my life and work experiences to focus on the importance of re-creating myself. I have also gained many mentors through networking priviledges.

The biggest challenge I’ve overcome

Being a woman and the stereotypes that still exist – the astigmatism of empowering women.  Not trusting myself or my abilities. Coming out of the shadows of others and always hiding behind the scenes. Listening to self-doubt. There are more than one way to do things.  Realizing that I need help.

My greatest strength(s)

I love helping and empowering others to see the potential that exists in themselves.

My greatest accomplishment to date

My greatest accomplishment to date has been starting my life over and being a survivor. I believe that life is a constant work in progress. Realizing I have more potential than I thought. Rebuilding my life and transforming into a more empowered women.  Being able to still find ways to learn and grow every day. To enhance and embrace changes and transformation.

My personal/professional goals

My professional goal is to continue learning about the book and publishing industry and to find more mentors. My hope is that all of my books impact many lives personally and financially. The books will be implemented into Educational Institutions, Schools, Churches, and Homes internationally.

What/Who has inspired me the most

God has inspired me the most; He gave me the strength to start over and use my skills to help others. Growing up my parents were also very involved in their communities and that inspired me to do the same. Giving back is the motto of my parents.

I most want to be known/remembered for

I want to most be remembered for doing the will of God and for using my strengths and talents for a purpose greater than myself. I want to leave behind a legacy of empowerment,  excellence and love, embracing generations to come. To have impacted the lives of many through transitional empowerment and interface.   That my living is not in vein.  So that my values lives on through my family.  My ethics captures the essence of everyone I know or has impacted them.

I participate in the following organizations/memberships

Black Business Initiatives

Nova Scotia Business Initiative

African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes

Black and Immigrant Women Network Association

The Centre for Women in Business – Mount Saint Vincent University

The international Women’s Leadership Association  

I have received the following Honors/Awards/Scholarships


Recognition and Appreciation – Black and immigrant women Celebratory Event

Race Relations and Cross Cultural Understanding Award -Halifax County-Bedford District School Board

Business of the week- Black Business Initiative






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