Chronicle Herald Story section about Bridget Williams

Bridget Williams was living on the other side of the country when she was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  “I moved back home because I thought I was dying,” says Williams, who moved from B.C.

She says it was by the grace of God that she is still here and thriving, and through the process of healing, she decided to help others. She struggled with illness and poverty, and put those experiences down on paper, creating self-help workbooks.

“Even if you don’t have much you can still have a life,” says Williams. They are about how to manage with little to nothing, and how to get back on track, building your self-esteem and turning your life around.”

Williams has self-published 15 books, which are practical and introspective, asking readers to look not just their situation but the root of where it started. The first book was published in May, 2016.

Writing and self-publishing is a mostly solitary activity, but as Williams’ collection of books grows, legalities and challenges that come with selling and publishing books online have popped up. She says reaching out to others has helped her navigate those murky waters.

Williams says if she could do it all over again, she would spend more time researching international and online publishing legalities, which is something she recommends for other women. She says engaging with a mentor is also a benefit and people who have already navigated the business you are interested in are your road map to success.