Before You Shop you must take an inventory of your child’s wardrobe.  I am certain there are many things that still have tags on them.   They are probably too small or too big.  What did you find?    Overspending causes people to forget about what they have.


Where do you start?

Take an Inventory

Sort through your Children’s /Teen’s clothes and footwear and decide which ones you want to keep or dispose of.  What is the wear and tear of the item?  Can it be recycled?  What clothing is too small?  After this, you will have a better idea of what you need to buy.Clothes-Rack1

After doing this, if your children haven’t worn some of their clothes in over a year, you could get rid of those items; put them aside as newbies to be used for the following year; or sell them.

If you want to hang on to the clothes this is a creative process to use. At the beginning of the school year, put all the hangers on the rack backwards. If a hanger is still backwards by the time the next school year rolls around, you’ll know they haven’t worn the item in a year.  It ‘sounds like a sale to me.   What do you think?

Wardrobe Updating

If children’s or teen’s clothing is worn but not to the extent that they are ripped up or torn they can still be used again.   It’s amazing they have styles with rips and tears as a fashion statement.   It could be a keeper. The items can still be wearable if sewed or stitched up.  I remember my grandmother sewing patches on jeans or using cool iron-on decals on shirts to give them new life.  A few old school tips such as Tie-dye can also transform old, boring hats, shirts, and scarves into hip and exciting fashion statements. If a pair of pants seems too short but still fits around the waist, consider cutting off the ends to make them into Capri pants or shorts.  Wow, you have just saved money.


Get Creative and Make Your Own Clothes

 If you sew this would be the perfect time to get at it. If you can add jewels, lace, or rhinestones to clothing, you may want to try your hand at making clothing. You may find that sewing clothes are a fun and fulfilling hobby. Get your kids involved, and have some fun creating new fashions they can wear to school.


Selling your Old Clothing

If you have gently used clothes in good condition, sell them and use the money towards the purchase of back to school clothing. You can sell on eBay or on Craigslist, consignments, pawnshops, at a garage sale.  Reselling can be a new wardrobe for you.   You won’t have to spend any other money.




There is nothing wrong with it.  It’s a perfect way to save you money. If you have friends and family who have children meet up with them and bring the bags of clothes together and pick what you want.

Be sure to put the clothing into sizes which will make it easier ideally for everyone involved.


Budget is key

Before you go shopping for back to school clothes, determine how much money you have to spend. Make sure to include shoes and accessories in your budget. To help you stick to your budget, only bring cash when you shop. This helps you to stay within your budget and helps you teach your kids about money management.


Hand Me Downs

Using second-hand clothing passed down from the older children to the younger ones.   This is a huge saving for you.   Also, check craigslist, people tend to have new or well-kept clothing for sale.  Second-hand stores sometimes have a brand new outfit  for cheap.  Remember the price vary depending on the location.   I remember wanting a slip.   I went to one 2nd hand store it would have cost $8-$10 for a second-hand slip each.   I went to a different second-hand store and manage to get 2 for $1.99 each brand new and a full slip for $2.99 brand new.  You have to shop around at the Second-Hand stores also.


Know when you should spend more

If your child has feet problems you may have to spend a little more for proper support.  However, wait for the sales.  I repeat do not pay full price.  Compare stores.

Donate Old Clothes

If you find yourself reluctant to get rid of old clothes, remember that somewhere, someone might gratefully use the clothing that’s just sitting in the closets in your home. Break free from clutter or unused clothing.



 A couple of stores

 Just a couple of stores: Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Children’s place rotate merchandise often. Ask when they do their markdowns so you can grab the deals. Also, if you see an item you bought in the past 14 days on sale later, you can get the difference refunded; you don’t need the clothing, just the receipt.

I have been noticing that more retailers are giving you great markdowns $10 per item or less brand new.