If you learn the importance of saving and banking in high school you will be better equipped.  More teen and students are concerned about not knowing about financial institutions.  A financial head start will give them the required tools prior to starting their careers and heading to college and university.

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Just think of the money you can save once your know about banking practice.

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Everyone needs to know how banks work.   You probably have a few, if not many, choices of banks where you live or go to school.  But like shopping for anything, you should look around first, especially when it comes to banks.  You need to visit the branch office where you think you will conduct most of your banking and bring a list of questions to ask the new account officer.

In Selecting the Bank you have to ask a lot of questions and compare the answers.  Go in and sit down with a bank account executive.  Don’t be afraid or think as a teen you are too small of an investor.  They will eagerly want to talk to you since they realize first you are smart, since you want to open a bank account, and second that as a young investor you have great earning potential.  Also, don’t be afraid to say; “before I invest I want to visit a few banks to see which one is right for me”.

 If you don’t understand an answer, make sure you keep asking questions until you do.  As a minor, in most cases, you will also need a parent as a co-signor, but since it will be your account, make sure you are the one asking the questions.  If you are an older teen and have an idea where you might want to go to college, find out if the bank has a branch in that town.

Actually some schools depending on where you live offer the banking service through Credit Unions.  This is at the kindergarten level… this is an amazing way to start.