Transition through Change

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Make that Change

Bridget C. Williams

It takes time to digest what is put in front of you.   So, don’t rush it.   Who are you really?  You are the most important part of the transition.    Look at what are the best steps for you during your change process.   Identify what you want to accomplish.   Explaining yourself clearly will help you.  However, if you change old habits or are creating new habits. Your views can sometimes is blocked by distractions, and if it’s a road you’ve never been down before, you won’t quite know what to expect. Your ability to see what lies ahead will be very limited as you shift directions.   When you are aware of the change then you just have to be determined and committed on this journey.

When I transitioned to change it was uncertain and I was determined and committed to making it work.  You may have variables along the way. You are constantly thinking and planning whether it’s for a short-term or long-term change.    During the number of month it took to make the change I was able to get my bearings and could see the road ahead of me very clearly.

Transitioning if it is a big decision may take an extended period of time to complete.  Make one change at a time so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.   When I started writing books my circle of friends and acquaintances changed enormously because of the industry.  You acquire things that will be beneficial towards your growth in the long run.     It’s best to spread things out. I began building new skills and developing a local and international network.  I’m operating outside my comfort zone in at least one area of my life. If you don’t make the change you may miss out on the ultimate success.  Your new found identity will and may reflect your environment.

Once you’ve completed most of the U-turns, you will again be able to see very far down the road in your new direction. I made a list of changes and then implemented them moderately.  You need to trust your own judgment more than the opinions others not in the industry, unless they direct you to those who can help you.  When I transitioned to building a book business that help with personal development and thing change and also the people in your life also change.

You end up networking and listening to people who are where you are. . Use your own intelligence to figure out if you’re on the right path. No matter how right your decision is, there will be people to tell you you’re wrong.   If they are right learn from it.  If they are being malicious don’t give them your power.   Some people just want a reaction, if you don’t give them one.   They end up lost and confused.

Many habits are tough to change. They become really resistant when they get tied up with to many obstacles.   It takes energy to inhibit the habit or things you want to change in mind and to choose to do something new. Start to form habits to help you focus.  I want to think about the activities that are important to me, especially spending with my family.

Just keep on keeping on because it is your destiny and you are individually accountable for our own.  Start to think about what makes you happier.   Avoid the things that are discouraging and distractive if possible.   Keep your mind free from things that are or could be of negative consequences.

Don’t give up!  If you fall off what you are trying to accomplish than you should just start over from where you left off.   It’s never too late to get back on track.