Bridget C. Williams

I would like to thank BBI for the Focus Group  Panel discussion opportunity regarding Focus and Re-branding for your business.  It was a great opportunity to network and to explore focusing on your brand or re-branding. This was an amazing group of phenomenal business women and men who shared their experiences the good the bad and the ugly.   It was a great way to connect and bring about future business changes or to reinvent your brand so that it increases your competitive market by utilizing effective strategies.

Focus Group Panelist: Emma Beukema, Bridget Williams, Natalie Frederick-Wilson, Catherine Lailson, and Cameron Evans from different platforms.   Some of the businesses are start-up businesses with in the 0-1 ½ years in business.  There were some seasoned businesses which have been around for 5 + years and “I have to say seasoned to perfection”.   The well-seasoned businesses indicated their trials and errors along the way which opened  many different challenges and changes.  This caused  a huge discussion of how they changed immensely.    This was taken as critical and imperative for business betterment.

How the delivery of your product and services can make a huge impact on how your customers see your business.   You must believe in your product and your customers must believe it also.  Businesses are trying to survive with little to know money.

The discussion was intense but definitely food for thought regarding the things to be implemented in your business. Lack of focus can stagnate what you really want to accomplish.

You have to look at leasing, rent, equipment, products, marketing, emailing, and location which can play a huge role on your finances, and of course paying the tax man.    Sometimes it just takes that one influential person to pick up your product which can manifest into huge growth for you.

Sometime we get side track and start to look at other things which is basically a distraction from your business brand.   Yet, there are a number of questions that routinely come up when you start with a company to rebrand them.

  • Are you living the best life?

  • Are you keeping in tune with your brand or are you distracted?

  • What things are you doing to take time from your business?

  • What are things that are helping your business?

  • Do you actually know what your brand is?

  • What can you see in terms of improvements?

People must like what you do in order for you to stand out from the rest.   There are so many businesses that are still underground due to the lack of execution. This is true.   At times you want to give up because you are not where you hope to be.   Everyone goes through this at some point.   By rethinking your brand and putting it as your primary focus will help you to get back on track instead of spiraling out of control.

Once you have mastered what you are trying to do than you can look at other things as well as acquire the help voluntarily or hiring someone based on your finances.   Some people use their residence as a business station when they are first starting out to cut cost of renting or leasing.

Mentors have a way of giving insight and guidance.  They can be a guide in your road map for success and improvements.    Do not take the advice defensively take it as food for thought which can improve your business and how you should re-think.

Once you’ve figured out what you want your brand to say about your company, it’s important to think about your audience. When you understand your audience, you’ll know how to create a brand that appeals to them.

Questions that need to be answered to keep the brand:

  • True to itself (brand)

  • Meaningful so people take notice and care (believe in your product/service)

  • Powerful enough to make the difference everyone hopes for (needed)

Businesses are trying to survive with little to know money. When you are still working a full-time and part-time job and also trying to run a business.   It can definitely take a toll of drainage on you.   It’s a matter of reflecting and focusing on what is important.   Sometimes it is best to stick to one thing at a time.   In this case different strokes for different folks regarding what it is you are trying to implement.

How does your business affect your family and daily living?   Supporting your family and paying the bills is inevitable.   Which take precedence over your livelihood?  Making sure you can afford to live and pay the bills.   You may have to adjust your life style and make the necessary changes to stay afloat and to keep the home fires burning appropriately.  Become frugal in your spending by cutting cost in the areas that are necessary.

If you are working through business processes with others you must be careful who you trust.   Not everyone has your best interest at heart only, if it is going to benefit them.  Once again don’t dismantle each other.  Inspire and encourage others to do their best and give advice freely. Don’t get taken advantage of.

If you’re still not sure how to go about rebranding, or building your brand for the first time, it’s all right to get help.   Some people can juggle more than one thing at a time with the help of others so that you don’t actually burnout.   You actually learn as time goes on what works and what doesn’t work.