BBI 20th Anniversary and Magazine

Bridget Dialoquing with guest BBI 20th Anniversary

Bridget C. Williams

It was an honor to be in the BBI Magazine 20th Anniversary and to showcase my business at this extraordinary platform.   They had many dignitaries The Hon. Brigadier-General The Honorable J.J. Grant, Hon. Mark Furey, Hon. Jamie Baillie, Mayor Mike Savage, President NSBI Laurel C. Brotten, BBI Chair Cynthia Dorrington, BBI CEO Rustum Southwell, Hon. Tony Ince, and Hon. Mayann Francis.

Many Executives and Entrepreneurs were engaging and supportive of the platforms each had as a business.   It was intriguing to see the number of Black Businesses BBI have helped since 1996. Just to be invited to an event with such massive magnitude is a blessing.  The partnerships that BBI has encountered internationally and locally which continues brings about change. The panel of experts were phenomenal.

I look forward to continued processes, skills, and training.  BBI has identified the needs of the black businesses. They enhance businesses by providing the essentials to develop a business.  They also provide guidance and support.This was a great opportunity to come together as black businesses and to broaden their platform s.  Thank you BBI.

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