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Thursday, February 23, 2017



Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NBSI) Presentation – Jessica McCall, Export Development Executive

Bridget C. Williams

This Session was to push and stretch your imagination, optimism, and faith.  It was an extraordinary experience and eye opening.

Where do you start?   You must make a commitment.  Doing the research is an extensive process. You have to look at hiring staff, money, customer base, and service base.  Expect to have clients across Canada or all over the world based on which market you are tapping into.  This is a transitional phase of growing your business.   This takes diligence and determination and is for the risk takers.


  1. Research can replicate sales and resources capacity

  2. This take innovation and production

  3. You must be patient and  a risk taker

  4. Marketable product service

  5. Persevere

  6. Think realistically and have a positive attitude. This is part of growth.


  • Packaging and Labelling

  • Webpage  is imperative

  • Think can you make enough- product pricing

  • Good relationship with your lender

Financial support

  1. In Nova Scotia you have companies like BBI, BDC, CEED, CBDC which can help in the process.

  2. Government grants

  3. Think about expansion on your product

  4. Where would you hire your staff?


  • Higher profits

  • People purchasing your product

  • Increase market shares

  • New knowledgeable experience

  • Economies of scale

  • Reduce vulnerability to risk


  1. You will learn something every time

  2. Recognize what you can learn

  3. Improve competitiveness

  4. Constantly learning

  5. The Small things make a difference

  6. Being bigger don’t make you smarter

 Room for Growth

  • Technology

  • Financial services

  • Look at who you are closer to world wide

    – Europe is closer to Nova Scotia

  • We can work with international people and they love this country we live in



  1. Not getting paid

  2. Not trustworthy

  3. I can’t compete

  4. To small

  5. Export is too risky

  6. Fear

  7. Horror Stories


  • War &Conflicts

  • Logistics

  • Sustaining a love of commitment

  • Look at the red flags

  • Increase cost

  • Legal protection IP

  • Competition

  • Country Risk

Our Focus on Exporting

  • Export development – Executives

  • Trade Market Intelligence Reports

  • Small Business Development

  • Nova Scotia Business Insider

  • Increase Exports

  • Build Capacity

  • Improve Confidence

Ivany Report

  1. We need more money coming into Nova Scotia

  2. We need more tax revenue coming in

  3. Attract and retain more people

  4. We want to encourage and bring people here

  5. Value add production

  6. Export products outside of Canada

  7. Exporting is also across Canada

  8. We are honest in Nova Scotia (its


  9. We have a long history of export – Seafood market is a huge one

  10. Sell Nova Scotia to the World

Is your Business Ready for international Trade?   How do you close the gap?

  • Company performance

  • Human resources

  • Production resources

  • Financial resources.

Have a Game Plan

  • Management on board

  • Exportable products or services

  • Surplus capacity and resources

  • Which market is the best for you to step into


  1. How do you identify your markets?

  2. Who is near you and who do you want to know

  3. The steps

  4. How does your product needs

    to change in the market

  5. How will your product reach your customers?

  6. Direct to consumer t

  7. E-commerce

  8. Licensing Agreement

  9. Distribution / Wholesale

  10. Franchising

  11. Trading houses

  12. Green field


  13. Joint ventures

  14. Agent

  15. Do not use methods from domestic stores

  16. Try different methodologies

  17. Look at the margin it is going to cost you

 Question you need to ask

  1. Who is going to pay for what?

  2. Who is paying tax?

  3. Direct Shipping?

Getting Paid

  • Start early

  • Trust but verify

  • Trade financing letter- when nothing else works

  • Careful on letters of credit – Have the bank check it to confirm it

  • Negotiate