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Our trailblazer this week is a remarkable beautiful woman who has inspired me in so many ways. Bridget Williams came into my life this spring when she joined the class of Business Cohort for Women Leadership. She was among a phenomenal group of Black women of all ages. Bridget stood out in the crowd. Her personality, strength of character, dedication and timeliness captured immediately my attention. Not to mention her strong faith and belief in God.

Bridget’s family history is rooted African Nova Scotian community. She lived in British Columbia for several years and worked in both the public and the private sector in various administrative and project management capacity before returning to Nova Scotia. Bridget’s strength lies in her capacity to challenge herself and transform adversity into a powerful sense of self-worth. Nothing gets her down, even when she is down, she finds the capacity to pick herself up.

Bridget fought for her life. She is a survivor of Stage 4 Cancer since 2012 and she is enormously grateful. After her diagnosis, she decided to fight back, by transforming her lifestyle and entire self. She challenged herself and with determination, diligence and patience begun to rebuild her life piece by piece.

Bridget would have not hesitation in telling you she was a hoarder, got into financial difficulties, experienced grief and some trying times. Now Bridget is influential in teaching others how to overcome such difficulties in life. She has written her 7th book and they’re all available on Amazon and Youtube.

Bridget is always looking for opportunities to educate herself and share her knowledge with others. So she decided to put her knowledge and skills into practice and write her books

Her first book Frugal Spending inspired her to continue to share her knowledge and guide her to do more. Bridget now has a registered company, she teaches teens about credit card debts and how to manage their finances once in college or university.

Bridget was also featured in the Black Business Initiative (BBI) Business of the Week this year.