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Author,   Bridget C. Williams

Each day we are given opportunities and time is an invaluable fragment of life’s journey for each of us.

We must not procrastinate or delay on what is important and use time wisely. You will never “find” time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. Perhaps adjusting those busy schedules and make time for you (me time), and give yourself a day of rest is the first step.

 What does your destiny and purpose look like?  Have you ever really taken the time to think about this? When you are serious about your destiny, you will be serious about managing your time to the fullest, which will lead to the fulfillment of your purpose, your talents and those hidden treasures.

We are all on the clock and before you know it time will have expired.  Look at the missed opportunities and chances that may put you in a much better place. Do you value how your time is spent with family, work, and community?  Start thinking about it before it is too late. Make a difference in your life and the life of others.

Sometimes we rush instead of giving ourselves time to adjust before making decisions that could be our downfall. Your failures are lessons- learn from it.

Consciously, we struggle to do things or even re-invent ourselves.  Looking at circumstances and learning from them is very important.  You do realize that no means new opportunities, and new options. This just mean there will always be thing that will hold you back.  It’s up to you to turn it into a positive manifestation.   Start moving forward in life. However, if your life has been a roller coaster ride do this in baby steps. It takes practice and will be hard for many.  If I didn’t adjust my life style I literally be expired.

We all have a purpose and matter. You must prove your case in re-defining who you are. Be convinced when you’re doing it because you need this drive for your betterment and to enrich your future.

Reflect on things which you didn’t do and wanted to like that bucket list. Focus is always the right move towards every successful journey.



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Author,   Bridget C. Williams

Having knowledge or discernment of your finances is a life lesson.  To be attentive and well informed about your spending is a great way to start building a nest egg for future. This is the 1st step to becoming responsible for your own spending and creating financial peace of mind. It is so important to know about financial wellness and consciousness because your future will look so much brighter financially.

Finally, parents of teens, that is mature enough and ready for the responsibility of taking on and being accountable through hard-work.  You will learn the value of the different types of wellness throughout your life and things that will make you aware of areas that may be intriguing.

For Instance life lessons.

Using life experiences and realities will be a major part of your journey.

  • Paying Bills– Actually paying bills or ask your parents if you can start to help out in this area.  It’s a great way to learn for your future.

  • Having a budget and sticking to it-You determine your priorities for spending during the vacation day, such as purchasing souvenirs versus touring the museum, and then, you also have to do the research how much each of these priorities will cost.

  • Determining what is a need and want– Getting to know what is a need and want. You will be able to determine the importance and what they actually mean.

  •  When to spend money – This experience will teach teens the dollar amount of those expenses, when bills come due, and consequences of late payments.

  • Why is saving so important– Setting saving goals whether it’s for your education, or something that you want to save up for. Saving up and planning for the trip or college. Make sure you always put money aside for your future.

  • Evaluating your finances before and after budgeting– You will reflect automatically after going through the process and putting them into practice.

Teens really like to feel that they are making a difference in the world, and this will help them improve their self-worth, reduce selfishness, and teach them good financial sense. You should discuss money with your family and make it a family awareness process. Once, you see what it cost in the real world it may change YOUR mind and you actually get a realization of how expensive things can cost.

Understanding the nuances of the situation and can even participate in finding solutions. You can lead the discussion with your parents on how each family member will help get through the tough times: Who will give up which extras and who can earn extra spending money or help with additional chores so the parents can hunt for other income? Make it clear that everyone, including parents, has to sacrifice some things for the good of everyone.


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Author,   Bridget C. Williams

Things you need to know because there is a lot going on when it comes to Loans and Credits.

 You will experience charges and interest based on the product you select. Credit card companies make their money by charging interest and fees. People spend more money with credit cards than cash. This can potentially be a huge down fall for future.

Teens are being taught that a credit card is a status of adulthood. This is obsolete. This comment no longer determines any status because it is based on maturity and your responsibility to pay it back. Times are changing and so is technology. Keep in mind a futuristic approach. Asking the right questions can also play huge part of your journey to credit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  What is a grace period? Actually there is no grace in it.  Pay your bills on time because you get hit with a late fee, and interest, plus the amount outstanding. I am just keeping it real. You need to know this because at the end of the day you may end up like the rest of the world with huge credit debt.

Track your spending because when you signed the contract it means you are obligated to pay the money back. In your teenage years, you should be getting ahead financially, not falling behind.