The Mountains and Valleys of being a Newbie to Business.

Bridget C. Williams

As a newbie to business just a few thing you need to know.  My passion is to help as many people that I can through my books and training guides.  Especially those who are living impoverish through no fault of their own.  It can be a bumpy ride at times so the more research you do upfront as to how much work is involved and how much you need to learn could be beneficial in the long run.  You are constantly learning new things. Look to mentors and people who have made it in the industry they are your road map.  So many are willing to be your stepping stone and give you different scenarios of how to grow your business also.

The expert in everything was once a beginner.

You will have pitfalls but look at those as experiences.   You will learn and explore new avenues.  Seek out people who can help you on your platform.  Don’t just sticks to the locals go internationally if you have too?  The more the merrier.  You may feel overwhelmed at times but stick to it.   Breathe and let it roll off your back.

At times it may feel like a roller coaster ride you will never forget.   Look at the positive side of it.   If you don’t make mistakes how will you learn from it?   Mistakes help you to do better because now  actually know what you did or are doing wrong.    You may have to do it over and over again.   It may feel like a million times, never the less it’s for you and your business. You will get Through it.   You may get side tracked periodically by distractions.

Fear may set in but without difficult roads it often leads to beautiful destinations.

Be passionate about what you are doing or wanting to do.   This is the driving force behind your business.   Focus on doing one thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly.   Sometime you want to rush and it is because of that adrenaline rush of excitement.    Do what you know or educate yourself to know.  Always be ready to pitch your business.

Remember you are starting out.   Don’t rush out and get a fancy car unless you already have one.  Practice being frugal it will become your demeanour.  I use my bedroom, or the kitchen table or living coffee table to write.   When it’s quiet I can get a lot done.

During the process you may have to modify your plan on many occasions.   The tweaks will be required and you can get help from places locally.

 It’s not the end of the road if you don’t recieve money right way.   You just have to keep looking through that needle in a haystack.   Most cases you have to be established.   Scale back and be realistic in what you want to accomplish.  Simplify the first stages and then once you get skills training and mentors behind you, you can slowly move into the next phase.   Remember Rome was not built in a night.  In time you will create a good brand.

Don’t fall victim to yourself.   Avoid exaggerating truths and far reaching goals. Be empowered and let your aspirations shine through.  Clarify what it is exactly you are trying to do.  Know your vision and the impact you want to make.

Continue to constantly educate and acquire skills that will benefit you. Train your mind to see the good in every situation. You can only reach your goals, if you move towards them.