Bridget C. Williams

Halifax Central Library  on Spring Garden Road

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

February 28th, 2017



Bridget C. Williams – Adjusting Your Life Style Frugal Spending Books


The Guest Speakers for this Event were Bridget C. Williams, Bernadette Hamilton Reid, Natalie Frederick-Wilson, Cathy Akinkunmi, and  Mrs. Ann Divine.

This was a phenomenial event of Black Women who have and are working towards success.  It was about different experiences and industries of business.  The road is to look forward to your future embrace everything that comes.  It is a part of your journey to look forward and to reap the benefits of your hard work.  Remove fear and doubting from your vocabulary and move forward.

You can only reach your goals if you move towards them.

THE SPEECH- Bridget C. Williams

As a Black Business Women


I am a newbie to being in Business Industry to-date I have written a total of 15 books which encompasses 3 separate training guides.    My Logo represents – Pink is for Cancer Survivor, Blue is a fresh start, the butterfly is new Birth.

The decision to take the entrepreneurial leap is one that is courageous yet challenging, inspiring yet intimidating, and yields the promise of family balance, and personal fulfillment. It appears that god has chosen this purpose for my life to give back through personal experiences and pitfalls.   It’s not something I was willing to do, but trusting god has allowed me to move forward on this journey.

From time to time, throughout my work experience, I have incurred many arrays of different skills and experiences.   My professional experiences stem from Manager down to receptionist over the years.  At times I have questioned the strength and importance of my voice both in and outside. It can often be so difficult when one is neck-deep in the daily grind of a business and personal life.

It is unknown whether the voice you take the risk to share with others around you and internationally on topics of concern is really being heard. Through diarizing and creating self-help books it gives a different perspective on how you view things and people.   This journey to pursue my passion for helping people who live from pay check to pay check; incurred life pitfalls; students and teens; and financial difficulties –help sources. The books are for everyone on issues which is necessary through divulging non-fictional experience through my books and training guides. It was time to REALLY start sharing the gifts that god has given me with the world.

But on careful self-reflection, I believe that the reason that deep interpersonal human connection has been such an imperative part of my life is because of my upbringing of grass-root strong women who have impacted my life.

Looking back, I can see formative experiences that would later impact my professional life. The reason this has been so important to me is that I have learned, in my personal life and business life from my parents and those business and community leaders—- who I admire, and who I have tried to emulate over the years.  However, I can only be me and learn from them.

There is still sufficient proof of the concentration of women in lower-paying, menial, unrewarding jobs and their incredible scarcity in the upper-level jobs. If women are already equal, why is it that there is still a stigma attached to it?”

Women in Business gave me the strategies and vocal techniques to help me find your voice of authority, to speak with greater ease and vocal confidence. I continue to learn from my mentors and Business such as BBI, Ashanti Leadership-Ann Divine, ADAM, Bonnie O’toole, Krista Tannahil, my family and many more.

I have come to understand the resources and support that are available to me in this business.   It can be overwhelming at the time when you are marketing your business constantly through social media and in person. Networking and collaborating to find the right inner circle, mentor, and ultimately your niche is imperative to the aspirational and aggressive goals that most have when owning their own business.

There are many opportunities but we women here today are trying to break the stigma of insufficiencies.   Opportunities are boundless if you tap into the right one.  Our presence here tonight is an indication that we have the power to transform our lives and the lives of others.


Bridget and Ann Divine holding her latest books.   Hot off the press.


Hearing the words of those who have made it in Business such as; to focus on being yourself, realize perfection is impossible and understand that even the greatest people can’t achieve greatness without help and assistance from loved ones, and others. Running a business is a lot of long hours and late nights.   I find myself constantly when writing books – losing track of time and forget what time of day it is.  My son is my official alarm clock who comes in periodically did you eat today or take a break mom.   He sees me working on a book from one day to the next and is concerned about my health.

From my understanding, we have to be creative and step out of the “ideal” mental box in order to advance our businesses. I have been hearing from different business and mentors on the plethora of things it takes to get ahead.   Well,   I have a long way to go but if god is in it. What can I say? Trust in God.


Bernadette  Hamilton -Ried

 Mentors might not always look like we envision, so we have to be open to ANY opportunity that comes up.   Be opened to new innovations and initiatives.   This learning curve is an amazing ride for me.

Today, I am frenetically busy and love every minute of it.  It is the experiences, growth, patience, and reflection of it all that keeps me going. We must expand our horizons and embrace our talents.  You have a purpose and must full-fill it. Release the fear of doubt! You can do it!  It doesn’t come easy but is possible and worth it.

To the Business Women, there is no doubt that the connections you will make with women across Nova Scotia will be extremely enriching, both personally and professionally.  In an increasingly competitive job market, it is essential that your voice doesn’t let you down and is heard.

Thank you from Adjusting Your Life Style Frugal Spending B. Williams.