January 25, 2017

Thank you Black Business Initiative BBI – Roger Smith for the invitation regarding the export of products and how you can benefit.  I look forward to speaking to you more in depth as well as a few of the round table guest.  This movement of growing your business and looking at the bigger picture which will explore utilizing a more futuristic approach.  I will see you and BBI  soon.  The essentials will definitely come in handy. Thanks again for your continued support  BBI team and staff.

Export Round table had a number of different businesses who wants to start strategically transforming there businesses. It can be the next level to promoting your business. 

  This networking was to discuss solidifying your business and getting the right return on your investment.  Start looking outside of Nova Scotia or in other parts of Canada. Thinking more globally towards your business growth and implementations. Focusing on the market you want to target.  Also thinking outside of the box.  Your time and energy will be required and you have to be tenacious and opened to this idea.

The companies that are global have given a presentation on how their experiences, expertise, and the things they have encountered.   It was insightful and stimulating. To dialogue these experts in the export area was phenomenal.   I am pumped about moving forward and implementing new avenues.

Guest speakers                                        Companies 

Cynthia Dorrington                                                     Vale & Associates

Robert Loppie                                                                Bin Doctor

Jessica McCall                                                                Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Those who spoke gave an introduction to start thinking rationally and to look at the future growth of your business. It will take initiative and rationale in order to do this.   The primary objective was to Start Local and Go Global.  Additional areas of focus what programs are best for you, increase exposure, and awareness of impact of exporting.