Bridget C. Williams

I remember my grandmother reusing hand me downs from older siblings for the young ones, this was way back in the day when life was simpler and people were not as materialistic as we are today. If you have items that are still in the box never been used or open re-gift those toys or clothes for Christmas or other holidays. You paid yard hard earned dollars so why not – just wrap them up as presents instead of wasting money on things that may not get used.  Your unused items are a gift to someone else.   If you don’t want to do this many charity take new and used items, or you could have a yard sale, or put it on Kijiji.

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Today people may be challenging to get away with that sort of deceptive frugality these days not in all cases. Kid’s today are commercialize and it’s all about electronics and name brands.  But we can still find a treasure chest of reusable everyday objects in our cabinets and drawers. If the goal is to recondition society’s throw-away behavior, then it’s a sin to toss in the bin what can be born again.

Use olive oil in lieu of shaving cream.

The price of shaving creams these days is enough to make any girl’s leg hairs stand on end. But if you’re well-stocked in the olive oil department, you’ll be glad to know that Rachel Ray’s favorite kitchen staple is also great as a makeshift shaving oil.

Bonus: Olive oil is packed with skin-nourishing nutrients, so go ahead and save even more.

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For more information on this topic: Ways to Cut Spending- Saving Money Is not about being Stingy.

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